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Health Insurance Terms 101

health insurance termsWith the Open Enrollment deadline looming, many people are starting to purchase health insurance plans. Health insurance may be a topic that many aren’t very familiar with, such as the lingo, rules, and meanings. So we thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of terms that we find ourselves explaining more often than not. Hopefully this list will give you a better understanding of healthcare in general, and be able to assist you when purchasing your future plans from the healthcare marketplace. Continue reading

5 Things You Should Know About Crew Insurance

yacht crew insuranceHaving insurance is a necessity in today’s world, whether you work on land or on water. There are so many different types of insurance available to you, many times it can be confusing what you should be including in your plan. Even more so for yachties! Yacht crew need a different insurance plan than normal, because they live a completely different lifestyle that those who are land based. Also, crew may be traveling around the world rather than staying in one country. So if you’re a crew member, here are 5 things you should be thinking about when purchasing crew insurance. Continue reading

Should I Buy My Insurance On or Off Exchange?

On or Off ExchangeThe deadline to purchase an Affordable Care Act healthcare plan is soon approaching. Which begs the question for those still needing to purchase a plan, “should I buy my insurance on or off exchange?” There are many variables to consider when buying a plan that is best for you, such as budget, coverage, network, etc. So we would like to help give you a better understanding of the differences between having an on exchange plan vs. an off exchange plan. Continue reading

5 Whole Life Insurance Myths Debunked!

Whole Life MythsPurchasing a Life Insurance policy isn’t something you do every day. The benefits and coverage it can provide for you and your loved ones in the event of a loss is irreplaceable, but with that being said, who wants to plan their “death.” We know this is a very sensitive subject, so we took the time to clear the air of some myths that we have heard about whole life insurance. Since purchasing life insurance can be a little unsettling, we wanted to make sure you are prepared and know exactly what you are getting yourself into, in order for you to make the best decision for you. So here are 5 myths that are associated with Whole Life Insurance. Continue reading

Learn Why the Start of a New Year Is Important to Your Insurance Benefits

Insurance BenefitsAhhh, what is it about the start of a new year? I guess it’s the opportunity for us to start fresh and leave our old baggage behind. Many of us are thinking about what this new year will have in store. Will we make it big? Will I find the “one”? Can I go to the doctor now? Wait, that last one doesn’t quite seem to fit. Every year, typically on January 1st, many insurance policies “start over”, refreshing deductibles and annual benefit maximums. So for those of you wondering why insurance should even be on your mind this time of year, let us explain! Continue reading

Why “Now” is the Best Time to Get Healthy

Time to get healthyThere’s never a bad time to make the decision and commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. We all know that the most popular time to start working out and eating better is at the start of the New Year. Probably because people feel that they need to make drastic changes because this is a new year, or want to lose that holiday weight. Gyms are crowded, carbs are being cut, and many are cooking at home rather than eating out. However, there are countless reasons getting healthy should be the number one priority on your list, and it has a lot more to do with than just losing weight and starting to work on your summer body. Here are just a few that may inspire you to start living healthy today! Continue reading

5 Tips on How to Make a Successful New Year’s Resolution

New Year's ResolutionAs the clock starts to count down, the New Year is almost here. The countdown can also signify the end of the holiday season. With that comes many people wanting to start the New Year on the right track. Maybe set goals and standards to help assure that this New Year will be better than the previous. Many make New Year’s Resolutions, and most fail to keep them. Whether it’s to lose weight, quit smoking, save money, many people have forgotten their resolutions by the time February comes. So instead of worrying about what to put on your New Year’s Resolution list, worry about how to make that list a long-term reality. Continue reading

Smile, it’s the Holidays!

Smile Everyone wants to look their best in their holiday photos, but one thing that many people overlook is their teeth. Proper dental care has been shown to not only improve your smile, but it also has been linked to better overall health. If your insurance plan includes dental coverage, why not take advantage of it and take care of those pearly whites? Normally, dental insurance will include a cleaning 2 times per year, as well as basic x-rays and exams at no cost to you.  If the dentist finds cavities or other issues that need to be fixed, typically insurance will pay 50% or even 80% of the cost depending on what treatment you need. There is a limit on benefits every year, so it is important to read your plan carefully. In the meantime, here are 5 key benefits to taking care of your teeth, which hopefully will motivate you to get that perfect smile for 2015! Continue reading

Do You Know What Boxing Day Is?

boxing day Have you ever looked at your calendar and wondered why the day after Christmas is marked as Boxing Day? No, it has nothing to do with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Many people in the United States and other parts of the world may not know much about the holiday that our friends “across the pond” celebrate. However, from an economic standpoint, this holiday may be pretty important for everyone to know about. £2.7 billion were spent in 2013 on Boxing Day in the United Kingdom alone. Do I have your attention now? Continue reading

The Top 5 Places to Visit in 2015

Top 5It’s time to start asking your employer for more vacation time! There are countless cities and countries around the world that everyone should make a point to see in their life, but there’s only so much time and money that a person has. So thanks to Trip Advisor, MHG Insurance Brokers has put together a list of the top 5 destinations that you should visit in 2015. Happy travels! Continue reading

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