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Another Way to Save For Retirement

retirementDid you know? About 250,000 Americans turn 65 each month, and many don’t feel financially prepared to retire. How is your retirement planning coming along? Are you on track to retire with the lifestyle you have gotten used to?

Studies show that many workers haven’t saved enough money to last them from the time they stop working through the rest of their lives. Part of the reason is the increase of life expectancy due to the advancement of medical technology and services. Many don’t account for the increased amount of medical costs that people experience as they climb in age, as well as the increase in the cost of living. No matter how much you are saving for retirement, it can never hurt to save more. You’ll thank yourself later.  Continue reading

Breaking Down a Potential Affordable Care Act Tax Penalty for Small Businesses

small business Haven’t you heard the rumor? Some small business employers may be subject to an IRS penalty of $100/day per employee for reimbursing employees for their private health insurance. Well it’s not just a rumor, it’s a fact! The IRS will penalize many small businesses for this practice, but there are ways to avoid it. Before I continue, please be aware that this is not considered tax advice. You should still speak to your tax advisor or contact the IRS directly. Continue reading

5 Things for Yacht Crew to Complete Before Leaving Shore

leaving shoreCaptain: “Is everyone ready to set sail?”

If you are a member of a yacht crew, hopefully you will never have to think twice about whether or not you are ready to leave shore. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you forget something, or aren’t fully prepared to be at sea for an extended period of time. Follow our list to assist you when preparing for the next time you leave shore. Continue reading

How to File a Life Insurance Claim

life insurance claimLosing a loved one is a reality that we all dread. No one wants to get that phone call that forces them to begin the grieving process. With so many things crossing your mind, the last thing you may want to be thinking about is what the next step is in order to receive a death benefit from the deceased’s life insurance. Yet, there is a process you must go through to attain the payout which may help you when it comes to funeral costs, paying the bills, or putting money away for the kids. Continue reading

What Are the Benefits of Having a Disability Plan?

disabilityInjuries are unpredictable, and most of us are not equipped or prepared for the implications they can bring. Have you ever lifted something heavy and strained your back? Or missed a step while walking down the stairs causing you to take a ride? That is sure to leave some bumps and bruises! Even worse is when those injuries or a serious illness forces you to miss work for an extended period of time. Health is wealth, and not being able to earn a wage and support yourself and/or your family because of an injury or illness can cause financial hardships. What if there were ways to protect yourself and/or your employees in the event that an unforeseen accident happens and they are unable to work?

For those that are unaware of the mechanics of a disability income insurance plan, essentially it pays out when a person is unable to work because of a disabling injury or illness. Doesn’t that sound like music to your ears? Before you purchase a plan, there are some things you need to know. Disability insurance can have a variety of different features that you may need to review to see what may fit your needs best. Continue reading

Want to Retire Overseas? What You Need to Know

retireDoesn’t it seem like whenever you visit some beautiful place, you never want to leave. Well, depending on the terms. I’m pretty sure that Tom Hanks couldn’t wait to get off that island in Cast Away. But if you are on holiday somewhere in the Caribbean, it’s not too hard to envision yourself calling that place “home” and truly “living the life.” That may be why it is becoming more and more popular for people to retire, and move to their dream destination to live out their golden years. But before you jump on that plane, there are some things you need to get squared away. Continue reading

Top Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling with Kids

travel kidsJust picture it. Looking out the window of a plane, on your way to see some of the most breathtaking sites from 20,000 feet up. You then glance at your significant other to see if they are as excited as you to finally get away from the rat race, and begin planning what you guys will do next. Then, one of you finally remember that this isn’t exactly a honeymoon, the kids are tagging along!

Family vacations create some of our most cherished memories. Ones that we will one day try to create with our own children. From driving across the border, to flying across an ocean, traveling the world is one of life’s most exhilarating activities. Maybe even more so when traveling with children. Follow these do’s and don’ts when traveling with kids in order to make the trip as smooth and stress-free as possible.  Continue reading

10 Tips on Creating a Safe Work Environment

safeIn many cases, workers’ compensation is a large expense for a business, even before a claim is filed. Sometimes injuries are unavoidable, especially if your business requires physical labor from your employees. But when an injury happens that could have easily been avoided causing your premiums to increase because of a claim, it can cripple your business. This is why it is crucial for a business to have great safety protocols, and create a safe work environment. Continue reading

Explaining the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

maritime workersNobody wants to think about getting injured on the job, especially if that injury will keep you from being able to work. However, if you work in the maritime industry, there is a good chance that you may not have to worry about what will happen if you do experience an injury. Thanks to the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA also known as USL&H), those who work in the maritime industry and fall into certain categories, will have coverage backed by the federal government, not just the state. Having a peace of mind when it comes to coverage can help rid your life of the question, “What’s going to happen to me if I’m injured at work?” Continue reading

Going on Holiday to the U.S? The Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

United StatesLand of the free, home of the vacation? Visiting the United States is a great way to spend a vacation. The country has so much to offer, from amusement parks like Disney World, to big cities like New York City and Los Angeles, breathtaking natural sites such as the Grand Canyon, even tropical beaches in South Florida! There is something to do, no matter what type of vacation you are looking to go on. That may be the reason why the U.S. is the second most visited country in the world behind only France. With so many people traveling to the U.S, people are bound to have accidents, get sick, etc. So if a trip to the United States is in your future, here are 5 reasons to make sure you have sufficient health insurance coverage during your travels. Continue reading

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