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What Newlyweds Need to Know About Life Insurance

newlywed“If there are any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“Wait they don’t have life insurance!”

Hopefully you don’t find yourself in this situation, and you already have a good life insurance policy in place. However, if you don’t have life insurance, it’s something you need to start thinking about it.  After the honeymoon of course! Who knows, maybe you will say I do again… to life insurance. See what I did there?  Continue reading

MHG Insurance Brokers Promotes Mady Acosta to Business Insurance Manager

mady acostaFORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (May 26, 2015) – MHG Insurance Brokers (MHG), a full-service insurance brokerage, has announced the promotion of Mady Acosta to Manager of the Business Insurance Division. Acosta will be responsible for advising and offering business insurance solutions, building client relationships and prospecting new business opportunities for the division. Continue reading

Top Summer Destinations

summer destinationsThe sun is out, the grills are blazing, and the drinks are flowing. There’s only one explanation, summer is almost here! Summer time is an exciting time for most, with the kids out of school, cook-outs every weekend, and let’s not forget, summer vacations. Whether you have kids, looking for a romantic getaway, or want to go on an adventure, here are some top destinations that everyone is sure to enjoy. Continue reading

Safety Tips for Expatriate Women

expat womenI’m sure you have all heard lectures like: don’t talk to strangers, don’t set your drink down, never go down a dark alley by yourself, etc. The list seems to be never ending about what to do and not to do to protect yourself. While many of the items on the list are universal no matter where you are in the world, there are things to keep in the back of your mind if you are looking to live abroad, that you may not think of back home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re living abroad.   Continue reading

Hiring the Best College Graduates

college graduateGet your caps and gowns ready because graduation season is in full swing across the country! Soon, hundreds of thousands of young adults will be looking to start their first job which will hopefully lead to a long and successful career. However, if you haven’t heard, the job market is tough out there, and in many cases, there are more candidates than available jobs. This makes for an increasingly competitive job market, with potential prospects doing whatever they can to get a competitive edge, or get one up on the competition. As an employer it can be quite overwhelming if you’re looking to fill new positions with fresh talent. In many cases, you may be bombarded with potential candidates, some of which may not even have the skills or requirements that you are looking for. However, if you’re lucky, you may find multiple, qualified candidates. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be hard selecting just one. Keep these tips in mind in order to not only find a candidate who is qualified, but also one who will be a perfect fit within your company. Continue reading

Preparing Your Business for Hurricane Season

hurricaneWith hurricane season just around the corner (June 1st- November 30th), now is the perfect time for you to begin preparing your business for a natural disaster. You may have been there before, scrambling to get ready at the last minute. Putting up shutters, waiting in long lines at the gas station, buying all the bottled water on the shelf, just to name a few of the hassles that we go through in order to get prepared for a storm. However, preparing your house and family for a hurricane, and preparing your business are two completely different processes.

Some of the obvious preparations are protecting your property or building, having the necessary shutters, proper roofing, trimmed trees, removing or securing anything that can be a projectile in high winds, placing sandbags in areas that are susceptible to flooding, etc. Yet, preparing a business goes much deeper than just handling the outdoor items, and locking everything down. Continue reading

If You Could Give One Piece of Advice to Your Clients, What Would It Be?

adviceAs insurance brokers we are here to help! Part of that assistance is our expert advice that we provide. So we thought it would be a great idea to ask our employees, “What is one piece of advice you would give your clients?” Continue reading

MHG Insurance Brokers Hires Jeff Martin as a Programmer

Jeff Martin

Fort Lauderdale (May 11, 2015) – MHG Insurance Brokers announced today that Jeff Martin has joined the company as a Programmer. Martin will focus his efforts on streamlining certain administrative tasks in the company’s Customer Relationship Management system in addition to building customized client web portals and landing pages.

Martin has had an award winning career, spanning over 20 years. Prior to MHG, Martin worked for multiple insurance carriers in addition to consulting work. Continue reading

Recently Laid Off: What Are My Insurance Options?

laid offYou’re fired! Two words no one wants to hear, unless you’re watching Donald Trump on “The Apprentice.” Losing your job is a reality that some of us may have to deal with one day, whether we like it or not. The main reaction of someone losing their job is questioning where their income is going to come from now. How will I pay the bills? How will I buy food? Hopefully, if that day ever comes, you have saved some money and created a safety net for yourself until you can find another job. However, one thing that won’t be included in that safety net, that should be viewed just as important as a loss of income, is a loss of benefits. Mainly insurance.

Many times, being laid off means losing your insurance. So if you are a person who used the health insurance provided by your company, you may want to pay close attention. Keep in mind that there are some individuals who may not use the health insurance offered by their employer. Continue reading


MHGFort Lauderdale (May 5, 2015) – MHG Insurance Brokers welcomes Anna Johnson to the company as Account Executive for the US Life & Health Division. Johnson will provide day to day client support for groups and individuals in addition to quoting new business, preparing proposals and renewals.

Johnson has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, having worked in the Underwriting Department  for several leading Property & Casualty companies and for various local insurance agencies offering life and health products. Continue reading

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