How to Prepare Your Boat for Hurricane Season?

Posted May 10 2021

Palm Trees Before A Tropical Storm or HurricaneHurricane season is almost here, which means now is the time to make sure that you are prepared and ready in the event of a storm. According to the Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), the nation’s largest advocacy, services and safety group for recreational boaters, “more than 63,000 recreational boats were damaged or destroyed as a result of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, with a combined dollar damage estimate of $655 million.” While those storms were incredibly dangerous, even a weaker storm can cause loads of damage. So, do yourself a favor and follow this checklist to get yourself ready for the upcoming season.

Move It!

The best way to protect the boat may be to move it. Smaller vessels can be kept safe on their trailer and strapped down, while larger vessels may need to be moved to a protected marina. However you plan to protect your vessel, it is good to have all the logistics in place of how and where you will move it when the time comes. If it has to stay docked or stay at a marina, do your due diligence and make sure all the lines are in good shape and that you have enough to double line it and attach to high pilings to allow for potential sea-level rise. Also, make sure that any canvas tops, furling genoas, sails, and cockpit covers are removed.

Review Your Policy

It’s essential for you to review your insurance policy annually and to understand your coverage entirely. For instance, your policy may cover a portion of the cost to move your boat.

Charge Your Batteries

Prepare for flooding and heavy rains, which means the batteries to run your automatic bilge pumps need to have as much juice as possible. Also, consider adding backup batteries and shut off all other nonessential devices that may consume electricity.

Keep Documents Safe

Compile all of your important documents and keep them in a safe place. Documents should include your insurance policy, a list of key contacts, recent pictures of the vessel, registration, inventory, lease agreement, and title or loan documents.

Monitor Forecasts

Stay up to date about what is going on in the tropics. Luckily with these storms, you will have time to execute your plan, as long as you stay on top of things.

Be Careful After a Storm

Being around the water after a hurricane is incredibly dangerous. There could be a downed powerline in the water or a hot wire from a generator. Do not enter the water, and contact local authorities to make sure waterways are clear and safe.

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