Kelly Morris

Fort Lauderdale (December 10, 2015) – MHG Insurance Brokers announced today that Kelly Morris has joined the company as Claims Specialist. Morris will be part of the claims team, based in the US, extending MHG’s claims support capabilities across 3 time zones. Her primary focus will be on claims support for international health policies. 

Morris joins MHG Insurance Brokers with over 12 years of international insurance experience. Throughout her insurance career at International Medical Group (IMG) she has had several responsibilities from sorting mail in the missionary claims department in her early days to becoming the primary sales service contact for mission, marine and Bahamian brokers, who represented over $25 million in annual premiums. 

“Kelly is extremely experienced in the international insurance industry.” said Peter Dudzinski, Underwriter and Broking Director for the MHG Group of Companies. “For several years she was our go to person on the claims handling side at International Medical Group. Not only was she a great advocate for MHG but also a great partner to work with and I’m pleased to now have her as a member of my team.”

MHG continues to be at the forefront of developing insurance solutions and products to meet the changing needs of businesses and individuals around the world. Most recently, the Insurance Specialists at MHG developed a new travel insurance program exclusively for U.S. Superyacht Association’s members which covers medical expenses while employees are traveling outside their home country. 

About MHG Insurance Brokers 

Since 1991, MHG Insurance Brokers has been committed to providing expert insurance advice and innovative solutions for the marine, aviation, energy and related industries. Today, with over two decades of experience and relationships with some of the world’s top insurance markets, MHG has established an enviable reputation for providing quality advice, products and service for groups, businesses and individuals around the world. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida MHG has Insurance Specialists worldwide, with offices in Houston, Isle of Man, the Cote d’Azur and Hamburg. For more information, please visit

MHG Insurance Brokers Hires New Claims Specialist


Achtung! When thinking of Germany, there are a few things that come to mind like Oktoberfest, the Autobahn, German automobiles, etc. Germany is considered to have one of the top economies in the world, with major international companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Adidas, and Allianz based within its borders. Germany is also one of the most popular migration destinations in the world, partly because it is famous for having a universal health care system. You'll have no problem finding fellow expatriates and making lifelong friends with others who are going through the same experiences as you. So start brushing up on your German, and get ready to make the transition of a lifetime to Hamburg, Germany! 


Home to over 1.7 million people, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the eighth largest in Europe. One of the reasons Hamburg is a great place to live is because there is such a large international community, creating somewhat of a “melting pot”. There is so much creativity throughout the city, from the art, to the architecture, to the food, it is easy to see the impact of many different cultures living in one place.

Hamburg is unlike many of the other cities in the country. There is a rich maritime history, diverse cultures, and always something to do. You also may notice that there are a plethora of bridges, over 2,300 to be exact! That is more than London, Venice, and Amsterdam combined!


The city is located on the southern point of the Jutland Peninsula, right on the River Elbe. Since it is so close to the North and Baltic Seas and located right on a major waterway, Hamburg is the largest port in all of Germany. Over time, Hamburg has become a very important trading hub due to its port and harbor, and today it is one of the busiest ports in Europe, second only to Rotterdam.

It’s no wonder Hamburg has such a rich maritime history dating back to its establishment in the 12th century. You can learn more about its history at many of the museums in the city, and there are tons of other things to do involving the water! Also, due to its close proximity to many bodies of water, it is also one of the best places in Germany to get fresh fish. 

Stay Busy 

There is always something to do in Hamburg; different festivals, a variety of community events, and seemingly never ending options for night life, it will be hard for you to find yourself “bored”.  Hamburg also has a great shopping district. Everything from worldwide household brand name stores, to local boutiques that are sure to offer items that can’t be found anywhere else. It is also easy to stay active as many choose to walk or bike everywhere. 

Before relocating to another country, trying to find expatriate health insurance coverage on your own can be a daunting task. Not to mention the checklist you must complete before leaving. For help developing a checklist, read our previous blog, “Expat Checklist before the Big Move.” 

Many of us at MHG are expats ourselves and we understand the global insurance needs of international businesses, and individuals and families living and working around the world. Our Insurance Specialists have the experience, knowledge, and access to multiple international insurance carriers to find you the most suitable plan based on your budget and future plans. Our commitment to your well-being does not end once you have purchased a plan; through our “Concierge Broker Service”, we will continue to assist you with questions about your policy and provide assistance throughout the claims process. Call us at +1 954-828-1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at for help finding expatriate insurance coverage for you and your family or business!

Home to 1.7+ million people, Hamburg is the 2nd largest city in Germany, and a great place to live. Learn why you'll never be bored calling this place home.

The 5 Best Places for Skiing

skiThe temperatures are dropping, and the snow is beginning to fall. It’s that time of year to dust off your skis and snow boards and start looking into what place you will be going for a ski trip. Aside from the holidays, ski trips are something that comes with this time of year that people really look forward to. Whether it’s getting to see some of the most breathtaking sites Mother Nature has to offer, being able to get an adrenaline rush, or cuddling in front of a fireplace in a cabin in the mountains, here are 5 of the best places to plan your next ski trip.

Whistler, Canada 

Whistler, Canada is one of the most popular destinations around the world when it comes to going on a ski trip. Located in the Coast Mountains just outside of Vancouver, Whistler has plenty to offer those who are ready to get on the slopes, and do some sightseeing. Stay at Whistler Blackcomb which is rated the number one ski resort for 2016 by Ski Magazine.

There are also some things to do in Whistler if you would like to take a break from the slopes. Visit the Olympic Park which was home to the 2012 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. You can also take nature and wildlife tours to see some animals you can only see in this area, and sights that are unmatched anywhere else in the world. Or if you are looking to get an adrenaline rush in a different way, there are a plethora of mountain biking paths.

Aspen, Colorado

Located in the heart of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, Aspen should be on every skier’s destination bucket list. Being able to get into touch with nature, having the beautiful Rocky Mountains as a back drop, it’s no wonder Aspen boasts one of the more expensive real estate values in the U.S. Not to mention, you can ski on the same snow as some of the world’s most famous athletes like Sean White, who compete here every year at the X Games. Take a short trip to see Maroon Bells, which are two peaks in the Elk Mountains both measuring higher than 14,000 feet!

Zermatt, Switzerland 

Zermatt is known around the world for its skiing, and is surrounded by the mountains of the Pennine Alps. There are four areas for skiing, Sunnegga, Gornergrat, Klein Matterhorn, and Schwarzsee.  You will also have a one of a kind, crystal clear view of the Matterhorn, which stand 14,692 feet high, making it one of the tallest peaks of the Alps, and of Europe. One reason the view remains crystal clear is because Zermatt only allows electric vehicles to help smog from building up. 

There is also Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, where you can go to the highest cable car station in Europe. This will also offer you the opportunity to see Matterhorn from a different side, and offer views that seem to be never-ending.

Les Trois Vallées, France 

Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys) is a region located in Savoie, France and consists of three valleys: Saint-Bon, Allues, and Belleville, and has been extended into a fourth valley called Maurienne. The three valleys are connected by ski lifts and slopes and creates one of the largest ski areas in the world! This area is also famous for being home to a plethora of world class ski resorts such as Courchevel, Méribel, and Val Thorens (the highest ski resort in Europe). 

Portillo, Chile

Chile is one of the few countries in the world that can offer mountains and amazing skiing, and have a beautiful beach just a few hours away. Portillo, Chile is a ski resort in the Andes Mountains just a few hours from Santiago. Many Olympic ski teams are known to practice and train on these slopes, making it some of the best skiing in the world. Portillo was designed around the Lake of the Incas, which is a lake in the middle of the mountains that offers great photo opportunities year round.

Read our previous blog, “Most Common Travel Insurance Claims,” to help prepare you even more for the claims process. Planning a fabulous summer holiday? Read our previous blog, “Tips Everyone Should Follow When Traveling Abroad,” and don’t forget to pack your travel insurance! Not sure which plan is right for you? Speak with the insurance specialists at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0)1624 678668 or visit us at to help identify the right travel insurance plan for your particular situation. Have a wonderful vacation!

It’s that time of year to dust off your skis and snow boards and start looking into what place you will be going for a ski trip.

Is Your Food Truck Covered?

food truckOne of the most popular and fastest growing parts of the food industry are food trucks. People seem to have an infatuation with them, that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. As almost every city has a weekly night that residents come and line up to taste the newest and coolest food creations from unique food trucks, many of us don’t think of the work and investments that goes into making a food truck successful. While many decide to go the route of having a food truck rather than opening up a restaurant because it doesn’t require the same costs, it still does require certain insurance coverage. 



It's important to protect your vehicle since you depend on it in order to make a living. There are several different types of insurances you will need in order to ensure that your food truck will have the proper coverage that it needs, and coverage that is required by many locations such as city parks.

General Liability Insurance 

General liability insurance is important for any business to have. It should cover you and your business in areas that may offer a liability issue or products or services that you are liable for. For example, if a guest sits in a bad chair and injures themselves, general liability insurance should offer you protection form a lawsuit.  This insurance will take into consideration the revenue of your business to rate your policy. 

Automobile Insurance 

While you are driving the truck to the location you plan on setting up to serve food, the person driving behind you was texting and driving and rear ended you. No matter how careful you drive, accidents on the road can be unavoidable. Having auto insurance is a necessity by law for any vehicle that is on the road. 

Property Insurance

Property insurance works much as it would if your truck was an office or a building. The coverage will insure anything inside of the truck, including equipment such as refrigerators, fryers, and any tables and chairs needed for guests.

Loss of Income Insurance 

It's important for any business to have a loss of income insurance policy in the event that there is a loss of income. Whether it is a natural disaster or other covered loss that puts your business out of operations, having this insurance will give you the ability to pay bills when you are unable to operate.

Workers' Compensation Insurance 

If you have employees or plan on developing a staff, you need to consider purchasing a workers' compensation insurance policy. There are certain laws depending on the state that you live in regarding workers' comp. Do your research to make sure you are properly covered according to the law. 

Also, working in a food truck may require to work with potentially dangerous tools such as ovens, knives, etc. Accidents happen, so make sure you are properly prepared for them in the event that one of your workers has an accident in the workplace that will keep them from being able to work. 

Other Insurances to Consider 

Some other types of insurance that you may want to consider depending on the type of truck you have include refrigerated truck insurance and commercial van insurance. 

Package Deal

All of these different types of insurances may be a bit overwhelming, but here at MHG we want to make things simple for you. We can put together an insurance package that will properly cover your food truck, so all you will have to worry about is serving up more delicious dishes!

If you own a business, and are looking for protection and would like more information about business insurance coverage, we would be happy to assist you. Also, if you are looking to purchase various forms of business insurance such as General Liability or Professional Liability, our insurance specialists have the experience to assist your business and offer advice in finding the perfect plan to fit all of its needs. For more information about the importance of umbrella policies, read our previous blog, “Why Business Owners Need an Umbrella Policy.” Contact us today at +1 954-828-1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at

Food trucks are very popular. Learn more about insurance coverage for your food truck, so that you can focus on serving more delicious dishes!

fallFall is here! Who’s ready to see the leaves change, watch some football, cuddle up in the cooler weather, and eat pumpkin flavored everything? This time of year also brings one of the best times to go on a trip. The kids are back in school, and most places are transitioning from being in-season to off-season or vice versa, which typically means less crowds and better deals. I’m sold! Now just to decide where to go…       


Burlington, Vermont vermontBurlington happens to be the largest city in Vermont, however that isn’t the reason you should be planning a stay in this city. Step outside, take a deep breath, and smell the autumn in the air as you gaze upon colorful leaves and natural beauty. For those who are looking to get in touch with some American culture, you can visit the Shelburne Museum.       


Kyoto, Japan kyotoThe fall season is one of the best times to visit Kyoto. Being able to see the leaves changing from green, to yellow, orange, and red among the unique Japanese architecture is a one of a kind experience. Some places that are considered “must-see” include the Imperial Palace, which was at one point the palace of the ruling Emperor of Japan, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, a bamboo forest full of wildlife will offer an experience that you won’t be able to replicate anywhere else, and Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), which serves as a Zen Buddhist temple and is one of the most popular buildings in Japan.  


Toronto, Canada torontoToronto is considered the “New York City of Canada!” Visiting this great city in the fall is perfect timing, right in between when it is scorching hot from the summer, and freezing cold in the winter.  There is so much to do in Toronto, you may want to book a second trip before you are finished with your first. Go to the top of the CN Tower and stand in the middle of Toronto’s skyline. Or visit the Distillery District where you can choose from different café’s, galleries, and a brewery to pop in to and get cozy. A place famous for maple trees, how could you not want to see the giant maple leaves turn and signal the fall season?   


Cumbria, England cumbriaThose who love the outdoors will be in heaven in Cumbria as it is one of the best places in England to get in touch with nature. Take a walk or a bike ride along one of the many lakes in the Lake District and feel the crisp autumn breeze come off the water. Or visit Carlisle Castle which is over 900 years old, and was the site of many battles. Any trip to this area is incomplete without a visit to Hadrian’s Wall which served as the northern limit and a defensive structure for the Roman Empire. It’s easy to see how this is Northern England’ most popular tourist attraction!  

Perthshire, Scotland perthshireIt makes sense to visit a place nicknamed “Big Tree County” in the fall. Perthshire is home to ancient forests which are sure to offer sites you have never seen before. Gargantuan trees with leaves falling and turning colors, you’ll definitely be taking some back home for the scrap book. Go on an adventure and go white water rafting, or visit the Scottish Highlands, and of course you can’t visit Scotland without playing a round of golf at one of the world’s most famous courses. If you’re feeling lucky, take the short trip to Lock Ness and see if you can get a glimpse of Nessie!   

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee smokey mountainsWho doesn’t want to get away from society and go unwind on a secluded vacation? A trip to the Smoky Mountains will get the job done. Stay in a cabin in the mountains where all you have to do is wake up and look out your window to see the colors of fall. This time of year is a great time to visit as you will see the orange, red, and yellow leaves throughout the mountains with rivers winding through creating waterfalls that are sure to take your breath away.     

Napa, California napaWho needs an excuse to go to “Wine Country?” Drink wine, sip wine, taste wine, and drink some more wine, sounds like those are all the reasons I need! Tour some of the world’s most famous vineyards as you gaze upon endless rolling hills of colorful grape vines. Stay at a quaint bed and breakfast, or a luxurious resort, Napa can cater to all.       

Douro Valley, Portugal douro valleyDouro Valley is quickly becoming one of Europe’s great wine destinations. Get away from the hustle and bustle and have a hillside picnic in the vineyards, or eat at some of Portugal’s best restaurants. Oh, and drink some wine! 

Bruges, Belgium brugesIf you’re a history buff, Bruges should be at the top of your list. When visiting this historic city, the architecture will make you feel like you are back in the medieval times. A visit to this city isn’t complete without going to the Historic Centre where you can see original Gothic buildings dating back hundreds of years. Bruges is a canal-based city much like Venice or Amsterdam, so don’t leave without having a romantic boat ride with your significant other through the city, as you cuddle together in the cool fall temperatures.     

Vienna, Austria viennaConsidered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vienna should be a top destination for everyone. When in Vienna, you’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s most distinct architecture, such as St. Stephens Cathedral. Go for a stroll along the Danube and see the leaves floating in the water. Or visit the Haus der Musik, a museum for sound and music, which is fitting given that both Mozart and Beethoven considered Vienna home at one point.

Visit or call +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 for help in selecting the plan that fits you best. Check out our previous blog, “Tips Everyone Should Follow When Traveling Abroad,” as it is important to have proper travel insurance coverage in case of an unexpected emergency while traveling abroad. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to offer advice or help select the best insurance plan for your needs. Safe travels!

Fall is here! Who’s ready to see the leaves change, cuddle up in the cooler weather, and eat pumpkin flavored everything? Now just to decide where to go...


The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is here! Are you planning on attending this spectacular event? If so, there are things you need to prepare for and begin to consider in order to get the most out of the show; from dealing with crowds, to being comfortable, follow some of these tips that will help you have a great time!


Tickets to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show can be a little pricey, price at the gate will be $27 for the day or $43 for the entire show (Friday-Monday). It should be noted that children 5 and under will get in free with a paid adult, and children who are 6-15 years old will be $12.

Plan Ahead

It’s common for people to get lost, and not know where places are located within the show. Do some research and think about any events you would like to attend, or things you would like to see. It may also be a good idea to create a budget for things you may want to buy, or event tickets you are looking to purchase.


Since this is such a large event, attended by thousands of people, parking always seems to be a nightmare. Having to park in one location, then walk to another only to board a shuttle which will then take you to the show, doesn’t seem like an appealing process. And that is only if you are lucky enough to find a space! Also, if you decide to purchase a valet ticket, the price is $60. Consider other transportation options that will save you money, time, and most importantly a major headache. Now that Uber is back in Broward County, see what the going rate is to get you to the show, or you can try the Water Taxi.


This show is HUGE! It will require a lot of walking, so proper footwear is crucial if you plan on staying all day. If you are planning on wearing high heels, you may want to reconsider. Also, a large portion of the show is outdoors, so you may want to pack some sun screen, a hat, and sun glasses.

Make Reservations

There are a people from all over the world in town for this weekend. Expect delays, traffic, and long wait times at local restaurants. It may be a good idea to call ahead and make reservations at any restaurants you are considering going to. Also, try calling ahead if you plan on going to any after parties in the area and see if reservations are required.

Don’t forget, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show starts today, November 5th and ends November 9th! For more information on what’s what to be aware of when at a boat show, read our previous blog, “5 Things to Be Aware of When at a Boat Show”. If you are interested in purchasing Yacht Crew Insurance, or would just like to talk to us for more information or advice, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at MHG has the Insurance Specialists to get you, your family, or group, the best coverage for your budget.

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is here! Are you planning on attending this spectacular event?

boat show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is here which means one thing for exhibitors, BUSY! Overwhelming may be an understatement in terms of the amount of work that goes into having a successful show. If you find yourself stressing as the show approaches, take a deep breath, and follow some of these tips that may help simplify things and keep your eyes on the big picture; getting the most out of the show. Remember, boat shows can be a fun way to mingle and network with your peers in the yachting industry, those who are looking to get into the yachting industry, and let’s not forget those that go just to see all the boats. So have fun! 



Boat shows, or any similar types of events are a perfect time and opportunity to network with others in your profession. There aren’t many times during the year where almost an entire industry converges to one place, which is why it is important to take advantage of meeting people. Especially people that don’t work/live in your area. 

Time Management 

There is a lot going on all at once, and you only have a few days to cram in as much as you can. This makes it incredibly important for you to exercise time management in order to get the most out of the show. Create a schedule or agenda and keep track of any meetings or events that you are attending. This can help you see how much free time you will have, and if there is enough time in your schedule to attend other events. Also, this will help when it comes to manning the booth, by designating times that people must be present. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You only have one chance at a first impression. Having a clean and presentable booth can be the difference between someone stopping and talking to you, or someone that will just walk right on by. Just as important as your booth being presentable is your staff being presentable. They should be welcoming and engaged, not looking down at their cell phone the entire time. A good staff can be the difference of making a sale, and turning someone off. 

Utilize Social Media 

Since there is so much going on, any events you are hosting can get lost in the crowd. Post on social media where you will be located, pictures that may help people find your booth, and information regarding any events you would want people to attend.

Follow Up! 

The amount of people you can meet at a boat show is overwhelming. Collect business cards and contact information. Wait a week or two for people to return home and settle in and begin contacting them to follow up. It may be hard to remember everyone you meet, so don’t be offended if someone doesn’t remember meeting you. By following up you can remind them and begin to form a relationship.

Don’t forget, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show starts November 5th and ends November 9th! For more information on what’s what to be aware of when at a boat show, read our previous blog, “5 Things to Be Aware of When at a Boat Show”. If you are interested in purchasing Yacht Crew Insurance, or would just like to talk to us for more information or advice, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at MHG has the Insurance Specialists to get you, your family, or group, the best coverage for your budget.

How to Get the Most Out of the Boat Show if you’re an Exhibitor

yachtsIt’s no secret that one of the highlights of any boat show is getting to see some amazing yachts up close and personal. This is even more so at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show which takes place in the yachting capital of the world! While you may not be able to go on-board these vessels, getting to see them in person can give you a new appreciation of the size of these boats, and offer a new respect for the entire crew that it takes to keep everything running in check. Below is a list of the 6 largest yachts to look for when attending the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show which takes place November 5th-9th, 2015. It should be noted that it is common for yachts to change plans at the last minute, so there is a possibility that some of these vessels may decide not to attend the boat show. Therefore this list may not be 100% accurate at the time of the show.

“Northern Star” 

“Northern Star” will be the largest superyacht at the show, and should be on every attendee’s list to see. She was built by Lurssen and is a whopping 247 feet long. See her at Sybass Slip 4, where she will be exhibited by Moran Yacht & Ship which is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale.


This 216 foot vessel was built by Oceanco in 2005 and refurbished in 2012. She is the Tri Deck model, and can accommodate up to 12 people. Her exhibitor is Worth Avenue Yachts which is located in Palm Beach, and will be located at Sails Marina Slip 1.


This mega-yacht was built in 2013 by Icon Ocean Going. “Meridian” is 205 feet, and can accommodate 16 people. The Exhibitor is YachtZoo LLC which is located in Fort Lauderdale, and will be located at Sails Marina Slip 3.

“Lady Lola”

“Lady Lola” was built by Oceanco and her exhibitor is Merle Wood & Assoc. who are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. The location of this 205 foot yacht will be Hall of Fame North.

“Positive Carry”

Feadship is the builder of this 204 foot vessel. The location of “Positive Carry” will be Hall of Fame FD 22-26 and her exhibitor is Moran Yacht & Ship, which is located in Fort Lauderdale.


This Trinity yacht was built in 2012 with the interior being done by the award-winning Patrick Knowles. She is a Semi Displacement model and her 197 feet can accommodate 12 people. The exhibitor is Burgess which is headquartered in New York, and will be located at Hall of Fame FD 4-6. 

Boat shows can often be a time where crew members to jump ship. Make sure that you maintain proper coverage through the process. Read our previous blog, “Yacht Crew Insurance Options While You are Between Jobs”, for guidance on what options may be best for you. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to find the policy that works best for you. If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions about yacht crew insurance or travel insurance, or would like some advice, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at Don’t forget, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is almost here, see you there!

6 Yachts to Look for at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

fort lauderdaleThe Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is just a few weeks away, which means yachts and crew are beginning to arrive and set up for the show. There is a good chance that yacht crew may have some down time leading up to the show that should be spent exploring and discovering this beautiful area. Fort Lauderdale is the yacht capital of the world, however, this city and the surrounding areas have so much more to offer outside the yachting industry that you should be taking advantage of. 



South Florida has some of the best fishing in the world. With plenty of different options from lakes, to the everglades, to deep sea, there is a setting for whatever kind of fishing you are in the mood for. 


The unique natural habitat called the Everglades is a short drive from Fort Lauderdale. Since the Everglades can’t be found in any other part of the world, a trip to South Florida is not complete without an airboat ride through the “Sea of Grass”. There are endless opportunities for camping and seeing animals that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. 

Native American Reservations 

The Native Americans are a large part of the history of the United States, and in South Florida, there are 2 large Native American presences. The Seminole and Miccosukee tribes have reservations in the area that offer plenty of things to do. Watch alligator wrestling, learn about the culture, or you could even visit the Seminole Hard Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. 


South Florida is home to some of the most famous beaches in the world. South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, etc. are just a few of the places you can spend a day, or two, or three, relaxing and sticking your toes in the sand. There are bars, restaurants, and shops everywhere, it’s no wonder South Florida is such a popular tourist destination. 

Sawgrass Mills 

One of the largest shopping malls in the country, Sawgrass Mills is a must if you plan on doing any shopping while you’re town. With over 300 stores, you will have no problem finding something that you wouldn’t be able to find back home.


Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a very popular area, with tons of great spots to enjoy an afternoon, or a night on the town. Riverwalk, also known as the Fort Lauderdale Riverfront, consists of Las Olas Boulevard and Himmarshee Street. This area is home to some of the best bars and restaurants that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. 


Fort Lauderdale is home to a few unique museums such as the Museum of Discovery and Science, Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, and International Swimming Hall of Fame. The Museum of Discovery and Science is full of interactive exhibits and is also home to an IMAX theater that has a screen that is 5 stories tall! 

Broward Center for Performing Arts 

The Broward Center for Performing Arts is among the top 10 most visited theaters in the world, with over 700 performances every year. This beautiful theater sits on the New River and hosts world famous Broadway Plays, concerts, lectures, and plenty of other events. 

Historic Houses 

Fort Lauderdale is a very historic area, and has few historic houses that are definitely worth a visit. Learn the history of the Stranahan’s when visiting the Stranahan House which was built in 1901. Or visit the Bonnet House and walk through the beautiful grounds and gardens.

Jungle Queen 

The world famous Jungle Queen Riverboat has been in operation since 1935. Take a cruise along Fort Lauderdale’s New River and see some breathtaking sites. Witness what it is like to live like the rich and famous as you pass through “Millionaire’s Row” and other areas with charming waterfront mansions.

Yacht shows can offer a time for crew members to jump ship. Make sure that you maintain proper coverage through the process. Read our previous blog, “Yacht Crew Insurance Options While You are Between Jobs”, for guidance on what options may be best for you. MHG is your specialized broker when it comes to crew insurance. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to find the policy that works best for you. If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions about yacht crew insurance or travel insurance, or would like some advice, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at Don’t forget, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is almost here, see you there!

10 Things to do in Fort Lauderdale While in Town for FLIBS

English teacherHave you ever dreamt about being an expat? How would you like to live in another country and teach English for a few years before settling down? Moving from an English speaking country to another country where they speak a different language can be intimidating. Especially if you are moving there to teach English! There is a high demand for English teachers around the world, as many countries are adapting to English speaking. Maybe it isn’t such a daunting idea after all! It should be noted that many places will require you to obtain a TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in order to teach abroad. 


Did you know? Every year, the Spanish government recruits many people from English speaking countries to work as teaching assistants schools. This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to live abroad, and who is looking to become an English teacher. There are plenty of opportunities to become a private teacher or tutor, if you would like to teach on the side to gain some experience while you work your way up the ladder. The pay and benefits may not be as great as it is in other countries on this list, but depending on what you value most, it could be an easy compromise to call this exotic place “home.” So if you would like to experience a country rich in culture, have tasty foods such a tapas and paella, and watch world class futbol up close and personal, Spain should be at the top of your list. 

Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, which has created a huge demand for English teachers. Those that are considering a move to Europe may want to consider Czech Republic, as the cost of living is less than other Western European countries. Imagine walking the streets and seeing castles, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking landscapes. 

United Arab Emirates 

The United Arab Emirates has a very large expatriate community, which can help you to feel more at home, and assist in making new friends. Some other advantages that may make the UAE a top destination for English teachers are the great salary and benefits you can earn. Many times the salary is much higher than what you would earn at home, and the benefits are usually 100% covered! There is a catch, typically you must have a lot of experience to get an opportunity to become an English teacher here as it is very competitive. 

South Korea 

South Korea may be a top destination for younger, less experienced English teachers. That is because about 25,000 foreign English teachers are hired here every year. So those that don’t have a lot of experience teaching, can gain their experience here. Also, it is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, which may attract other young professionals. 


There are not many places in the world where you can snowboard and surf all in one place. Chile is one of those places! With many different settings, Chile has something for everyone. From big cities, to countryside, to living in the mountains, to living on the coast, if you are looking to move to a certain climate, Chile has it. Also, Chile interviews individuals from North America in advance, which gives you the opportunity to secure a position before you make the big move! 

Moving to a new country can be an amazing experience. For more information on what it’s like being an Expat, read our previous blog, “5 Reasons why it’s great to be an Expat.” If you are interested in more information about Expatriate Insurance, or are interested in purchasing Expat Insurance, contact us at +1 954-828-1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at for help finding expatriate insurance coverage for you, your family or group!

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