Kayaking and canoeing with family. Children on canoe. Family on kayak ride.Did you know MHG Insurance Brokers is offering Tour & Excursion Operators Legal Liability insurance, also known as Shore-Ex Insurance? Here’s more about our program.

The Basics

Shore-Ex Insurance is a package contingent liability program designed specifically for tour operators seeking to work with the cruise line industry. Depending on the nature of the business itself, the program offers three principal lines of insurance coverage that address the exposures of the operation in question.

1. Commercial General Liability- Responds to suits brought against you by third parties on the grounds of bodily injury and/or material damage caused by your negligence.

2. Contingent Watercraft Liability- Provides excess insurance coverage that sits on top of an underlying Protection & Indemnity (P&I) policy thereby increasing your overall limit of insurance.

3. Contingent Auto Liability- Provides coverage over and above any locally placed Commercial Auto policies for liability arising from the operation of your motor vehicles.


· Includes worldwide jurisdiction, satisfying cruise line requirements.

· Limits up to $5,000,000 available.

· ‘A’ rated insurance carrier.

Types of Excursions / Tours that are Covered

The Shore-Ex policy offers coverage for a wide variety of excursions and tours. Whether your company offers sightseeing, scuba, paddle boarding, parasailing, ziplining or ATV tours among other activities, we can help!

We Work for You!

Let us focus on your insurance so you can get back to running your business. Even with the best intentions, accidents happen and it is important to have the proper insurance coverage in place to appropriately cover the day-to-day risks that you face. As a trusted partner of the cruise lines, we have been providing insurance advice and guidance to the cruise industry for over 25 years. Not only do our dedicated insurance specialists have the knowledge and expertise to pair you with the right policy, but our team consists of staff who were once underwriters for Tour & Excursion Operators Liability and who ran shore excursion companies worldwide. Whether you are setting up a new business and purchasing a policy for the first time or already have a policy in place, we can help.

Having proper insurance is important in every aspect of life. Here at MHG Insurance Brokers, we offer a variety of different solutions for many industry sectors. From Yacht Crew insurance, Property & Casualty, Ocean Marine insurance to Individual and Group Health insurance, even Life Insurance, we offer a comprehensive suite of tailored products to protect you, your family and your business. To avail of some advice directly from our team of experts, read our previous blog, “If You Could Give One Piece of Advice to Your Clients, What Would It Be?” If you are interested in purchasing a Tour & Excursion Operators Legal Liability Policy, or simply need some more information contact us at mhginsurance.com or call us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668. Our team of brokers have the knowledge and experience to consult with you on the best coverage for your budget, and can also assist you with any insurance questions you may have.

Did you know MHG Insurance Brokers is offering Tour & Excursion Operators Legal Liability insurance, also known as Shore-Ex Insurance? Here’s more about our program.

LYALL DUNCANFORT LAUDERDALE, FL (February 21, 2019) – MHG Insurance Brokers, the cruise industry’s benefit specialist, announced today that Lyall Duncan has been appointed as Director, Cruise Division. In this role, Duncan will oversee MHG’s Cruise Division, one of several business units within the MHG Group, and work to further strengthen and build new client relationships within the industry. He will be based in the company’s Fort Lauderdale office.

Duncan holds a law degree from the City University of New York at Queens College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Law from St. Louis University in Missouri. A veteran of the cruise industry, Duncan joins MHG with more than 20 years’ experience in maritime, corporate, commercial, and travel law in the global market. Duncan has an extensive legal background and belongs to both the Florida and New York Bar Associations. Prior to joining MHG, Duncan served as General Counsel for a luxury cruise line.

“Throughout my time in the industry, I have learned that a comprehensive risk management program is vital not only to saving costs and increasing profitability but also as a means of ensuring retention of staff and maintaining a healthy and productive workplace” said Lyall Duncan. “Now as I sit on the other side of the table, I’m excited to speak with the industry about their short and long-term benefit strategies and help clients interpret and stay up to date on regulations and legislation affecting the cruise industry, especially in crew employment matters.”

Duncan will be supported by Sheree Lynch, Special Projects Director, Sherry Wertz, Cruise Division Administration Manager, and Kelly Morris, Claims Specialist.

“We have known Lyall for many years. As the cruise industry continues to grow and evolve, Lyall’s strong risk management background coupled with his experience working within the unique culture of the cruise industry makes him an ideal person to lead MHG’s Cruise Division” said Andrew Dudzinski, MHG CEO and Chairman.

MHG introduced crew benefits to the marine industry in 1991 and has since grown into a multi-discipline marine insurance brokerage and adviser. MHG released a ground-breaking report on the cruise industry’s shipboard benefits provision. To receive a copy of the Cruise Industry Benefits Report or to schedule an appointment to review the report and discuss your benefit strategy, please contact the Cruise Division at pr@mhginsurance.com or visit us at Seatrade Cruise Global, booth 2349.

About MHG Insurance Brokers

Established in 1991 in Miami, Florida, MHG Insurance Brokers is an independent, global, full service insurance brokerage and consultative facility. Through its extensive relationships with international underwriting markets, MHG develops and provides a full range of employee benefits, risk mitigation programs, property and casualty insurance and financial services all supported by comprehensive attention to service support for all of our clients. In the marine community, MHG is well known for its expertise in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) and developing MLC-aligned crew insurance solutions. In the U.S., MHG provides group and individual employee benefits along with advice on federal regulations regarding the Affordable Care Act. For more information about MHG Insurance Brokers and the services we provide, please visit mhginsurance.com

MHG Insurance Brokers announced today that Lyall Duncan has been appointed as Director, Cruise Division. Read more!

Winter Sports: Are You Covered?

Little boy skiing on a winter day. The happy boy aged 7 is smiling. Sunny winter day.
When you hear pizza and french fries, it’s unlikely that your initial thought is to go skiing. For those that don’t know, pizza and french fries refers to the way you position your skis. Point your skis together so they form a pizza shape in order to slow down, or keep them straight like french fries in order to go fast. Now you’re ready to hit the slopes!

The stress of the holidays are over, and we are in what is generally the coldest time of the year. The snow has built up and should now offer perfect conditions for an adrenaline rush skiing down a mountain. Many people take this time to go on a ski trip, or snowboarding trip, etc. So start dusting off your skis and jackets, and begin making checklists to make sure you pack everything. Including insurance coverage for winter sports!


It’s no secret that skiing and snowboarding can be a dangerous hobby. While moving down the side of a mountain at exhilarating speeds can be the time of your life, there is also opportunity for you to injure yourself. According to the National Ski Areas Association, skiing and snowboarding are responsible for 44.7 serious injuries per year.

Be Smart

While that may be a scary thought, it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying yourself! It should just make you wary and want to fully protect yourself. In order to help avoid injury, make sure you are wearing proper protective equipment such as a helmet and other padding. Take beginner’s classes if you are going for your first time, or need any refreshers if it has been awhile. Practice on easier slopes before trying to go on the more dangerous areas, and don’t try to “keep up” with those who may be much more experienced than you.


If you are traveling abroad to go on a ski trip in the coming months, you should consider purchasing a travel insurance plan, if you haven’t already. In addition to travel insurance, you should also be looking to add coverage for extreme sports. Some travel insurance policies already include coverage for extreme sports, others you may have to purchase the extra coverage as an add-on to your current policy. Either way, it’s imperative that you look at your policy in order to determine if you will be covered for any medical attention that is needed from experiencing an injury while on the slopes. Here is a link to some more information of a plan that we offer here at MHG Insurance Brokers.

For more help on traveling abroad, read our previous blog, “Tips Everyone Should Follow When Traveling Abroad,” and don’t forget to pack your travel insurance! Not sure which plan is right for you? Speak with the insurance specialists at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0)1624 678668 or visit us at mhginsurance.com to help identify the right travel insurance plan for your particular situation. Safe travels and don’t forget, pizza and french fries!

Are you planning to take a ski trip in the coming months? Read more!

White yacht at the marina in the evening.Bon Voyage! It’s time to set sail on your dream career, and it may not have been one you originally considered!

Working as a crew member on a superyacht can be a very fulfilling job. At one point it was considered a job that you can do for a few years while you are young before settling down, and make/save as much money as you can before transferring to a position on shore. However, things are changing, and changing fast. More and more individuals are considering becoming a superyacht crew member as a career choice, find out why.

See the World

One of the most popular reasons people consider becoming a crew member because it is a means to see the world. Scratch that, get paid to see the world. How many jobs do you know of that pay you to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations?

Becoming More Appealing

Through the years, there have been more legislation and maritime laws put in place to make becoming a crew member more appealing. Many of the laws protect crew and require owners to provide insurance coverage and other benefits to crew, making the position more attractive.


Working onboard a yacht now often requires an extensive level of professionalism. There is much more to it than helping to keep up a boat while getting to sail around the world. You are serving guests who are paying for and expecting a high level of class and service, and the yachts are becoming more and more sophisticated. If you go through all the training, then there’s a good chance you will want to make it a long term career.

Room for Growth

There are many different positions on a superyacht crew. From Deckhand, to Captain, there are plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder. Yachts are being built every day, and those new positions must be filled by someone, preferably with some experience.

Great Compensation

Superyacht crew members can make a great salary. The amount of money you make usually coincides with the size of the yacht you are working on. Not only is the money great, but while working onboard you can save a large portion of it because you won’t need to spend much while on a yacht. You live on the vessel, so there is no rent, and your food is normally also covered.

While the money may be great, there is a catch. You will be required to be away from home and/or your family from home for long periods of time. This may be why a career choice is often for those who are single.

Highly Specialized Field

Anyone can become a crew member, but no one can become one overnight. Working onboard a yacht can require you to have training that is highly specialized. Whether you are the person setting the tables, or the person cooking the food, there are training and classes one must take before working at sea. Depending on the position, you may need a combination or training, licenses and certificates, and practical experience.

There are many reasons why being a yacht crew member is a great career choice, however it is a big decision to make. It will require a lot of dedication and commitment, so do your research in order to assure that this is the career of your dreams.

Having proper insurance is important whether you are at sea or docked at a shipyard. MHG is your specialized broker when it comes to crew insurance. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to find the policy that works best for you. If you are interested in purchasing, or have any questions about yacht crew insurance or travel insurance, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com.

Bon Voyage! It’s time to set sail on your dream career, and it may not have been one you originally considered!

African man browsing work opportunities online using job search computer app, black jobless seeker looking for new vacancies on website page at laptop screen, recruitment concept, rear close up viewEver wanted to work on a yacht?

Being part of a yacht crew can be a fulfilling career experience. Getting to travel the world, sail the open seas and meet new people, are just a few of the many benefits of joining a yacht crew. From first glance, it seems like a no brainer, this profession may be one of the best career paths you can choose. However, there are further assessments one must take when looking into a new position. That goes for those who are looking to get into the profession, as well as those who are currently part of a crew that are looking to jump ship. Follow these tips to help you decide what you should be looking for in a new yacht crew position.

Don’t Just Look at Money

Have you ever heard the saying, “Cash is king!”? Making money in life is important, but it isn’t the only thing you should be focused on. Your happiness is as important as making money. Don’t let salary be your only motivator when looking at a new yacht crew position, or any job for that matter.

Check Out the Itinerary

For some, the itinerary of a yacht is an important dictator of whether they will want to fill a position on a certain yacht. There are parts of the world that some do not want to visit for personal reasons, and there are some who may have spent a large amount of time somewhere and want to see a different part of the world. Just remember that itineraries can easily change, so be flexible and consider all the factors before deciding.

Don’t Be Seasonal

Depending on where you’re located, the yachting business can be very seasonal, with some parts of the year being busier than others. But just because it may be a seasonal industry, doesn’t mean you should be a seasonal worker. Yacht captains like to hire individuals who have proven longevity and commitment. If you are looking for a seasonal job, you may need to look elsewhere.

More than Just a Job

Working as part of a yacht crew is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Being away from family for months at a time and living in close quarters with others for long periods is not for everyone. It’s clear to see how it may be taxing for those who are not fully committed. There is a lot to be sacrificed, however the rewards can be well worth it.

Benefits are Important

Sometimes, the benefits that are offered by a job can be just as important as the income. That is because those benefits will have a variety of different coverages depending on the program the yacht has for the crew. When looking at a new position, you must try to make it a priority to review benefits such as health insurance coverage, disability insurance, life insurance, etc. That’s just one area where MHG is here to help!

Having proper insurance is important whether you are at sea, or docked at a shipyard. MHG is your specialized broker when it comes to crew insurance. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to find the policy that works best for you. If you are interested in purchasing, or have any questions about yacht crew insurance or travel insurance, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com.

Follow these tips to help you decide what you should be looking for in a new yacht crew position.

Shot of a businessman using a digital tablet while woking late at the officeWorking onboard a superyacht can be a very fulfilling job. You will probably receive great benefits, have unforgettable experiences, and develop lifelong relationships. While there are many positives to working on a yacht, there are still aspects of the job that can be quite taxing on someone, and make them consider transitioning to a job onshore. If you find yourself wanting to settle down, and have a more stable position, the following is a list of things you need to consider when transitioning from a yacht crew member to working a 9-5 job!


Wages for yacht crew members are unique to each position. Crew members can make anywhere from $25,000 per year to upwards of $250,000. If you have been part of a yacht crew for an extended period of time, and worked your way up the ladder, there is a good chance that when transitioning to a corporate job, you will be making less money than what you have become accustomed to working onboard a yacht.


Something else that must be considered by yacht crew who are transitioning to a 9-5 job is the additional expenses that you are going to incur. While working onboard a yacht, you don’t have to worry about expenses such as rent, car payments, grocery shopping, etc. These are expenses that are sometimes unavoidable in order to live. Also, many times people assume the cost of living is a lot less than it actually turns out to be in the end.

Work Environment

The work environment in an office is much different than on a yacht, so you may experience a bit of a culture shock. While working on a yacht, you are usually on call 24/7, and much is expected of you. Go above and beyond to keep guests happy, as they are usually paying top dollar. While you should still go above and beyond in any workplace, working in an office won’t require the same demands. For example, if something is broken on the vessel, you may be required to get your hands dirty and do some physical labor. Working in an office typically doesn’t require much physical labor.


Rules are rules, and they are not meant to be broken if you wish to have a successful career. An office setting has different rules than a yacht. There are privacy laws regarding clients, privacy laws regarding colleagues, local government laws that must be followed, possible federal ones, and everyone’s favorite, HR. Working in close quarters allows people to become close and maybe develop special relationships that may be inappropriate for the corporate world.


The employee or job based benefits that people get working in corporate positions are different than those of people working on a yacht. For one, many places only cover 50% of your health insurance, while onboard a yacht it is usually covered 100%. Also, most jobs will offer some sort of retirement planning program like 401K that you can use to prepare for retirement.

Something to keep in mind if you are working for the United States for the first time is that the U.S. does not have socialized healthcare like many European countries do.

Having proper insurance is important whether you are at sea, or docked at a shipyard. MHG is your specialized broker when it comes to crew insurance. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to find the policy that works best for you. If you are interested in purchasing, or have any questions about yacht crew insurance or travel insurance, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com.

If you find yourself wanting to settle down, and have a more stable position, the following is a list of things you need to consider when transitioning from a yacht crew member to working a 9-5 job!

524710540RELEASE DATE: 5/12/18

The results of new research into the welfare needs of superyacht crew were announced on Monday at a seminar held at Inmarsat’s headquarters in London.

The International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) partnered with MHG Insurance Brokers to conduct a survey of seafarers who work on superyachts to investigate welfare issues specific to the sector, backed up by in-depth interviews and diary studies. Based on responses from 402 superyacht crew responding to the 50-question survey, the report finds:

· 82% had experienced low crew morale ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ or ‘always’

· 77% of women, and 55% of men, had experienced problems with on-board leadership ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ or ‘always’

· 67% ‘usually’ or ‘always’ felt rested in port

· 79% were on permanent contracts

· 51% were satisfied with their leave entitlement

· 57% of women and 39% of men suffered from social isolation or loneliness ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ or ‘always’ while working on board.

Yachting offers wonderful opportunities and this side was revealed in the report in quotes including: ‘Yachting delivers beautiful adventures to remote parts of the world…at a fraction of a cost that any other occupation can offer.’ It is also a hard life physically: ‘…you work bloody long hours without a day off in weeks during charters.’ The report covers the very good side of working on superyachts, without shying away from areas where improvements can be made: ‘I know a lot of yachts look after their crew but a lot don’t.’

The recommendations of the report include the following:

· Improving recruits’ knowledge of what to expect on board before they go to sea

· Improved support for seafarers who are coming out of the superyacht sector

· Raising awareness of what support for wellbeing is out there for seafarers, and widening distribution of welfare materials and information to include yacht crew

· An increase in the availability of rotational posts, which would make a concession to family life

· Enabling more time for rest and relaxation

Rob Myers – Senior Director, Large Yacht and Passenger at Inmarsat, the seminar host – opened the launch in London by introducing Inmarsat’s recent work on improving superyacht crew communications. Dr Olivia Swift, who conducted the research for ISWAN, presented the results to delegates and a panel then addressed three key discussion points stemming from the report: gender, religion and leadership. The panel members were:

Andrew Wright – Secretary General at The Mission to Seafarers

Karen Passman – Founder of Impact Crew

Peter Dudzinski – Director, Underwriting Services at MHG Insurance Brokers

Nicola Morgan – Director, Recruitment Manager & Shore Based Positions at wilsonhalligan

Danny McGowan – Strategic Organiser at Nautilus International

Richard Le Quesne – Financial Director & Honorary Treasurer at the Professional Yachting Association

Commenting on the report, MHG Insurance Brokers’ Chairman and CEO Andrew Dudzinski said: ‘How can we expect to recruit and retain loyal crew tomorrow if we don’t understand their welfare concerns today?’

The research was described by seminar delegates as ‘long overdue’ (Dùghall macLachlainn, a superyacht captain), at the ‘forefront of development of crew welfare’ (yacht recruitment agency wilsonhalligan), and ‘a step in the right direction for the future of superyachting in a modern world’ (Sara Ballinger, Crew-Glue).

ISWAN’s Executive Director Roger Harris said: ‘The research highlights some real concerns of crew working on superyachts that need to be addressed by the sector. We are grateful to MHG Insurance Brokers for funding the research and to The Mission to Seafarers for supporting it.’

Andrew Wright, Secretary General at The Mission to Seafarers, said: ‘I was absolutely delighted to attend the excellent superyacht seminar. The findings of the study confirm my own experience of the industry and were properly thought-provoking. This is an area of need which has been insufficiently on the radar of most maritime welfare organisations. At The Mission to Seafarers we are determined to take forward current discussions. Working with partners, we are looking to develop appropriate kinds of support, focused on identified areas of need and using our particular skills and experience.’

The report can be downloaded here: www.seafarerswelfare.org/resources/publications/the-welfare-of-superyacht-crew.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Holmer

ISWAN, Croydon, UK

Telephone: +44 20 8253 0163


Mobile: +44 7807 311852

Diana Gonzalez

MHG Insurance Brokers, Florida, USA

Telephone: +1 954 548 3581


Mobile: +1 954 232 2957

The results of new research into the welfare needs of superyacht crew were announced on Monday at a seminar held at Inmarsat’s headquarters in London.

Car tires on winter road covered with snowIt’s the Holiday Season! Many people pack their bags and head to the airport, drive cross country, even get on a cruise. The offices are closed, businesses aren’t as busy (except for retail of course), and people want to take a break from the stress of the daily grind, to relax and get ready for the year to come. And there are those who travel to see their family, friends, and loved ones. It really is a busy time of year for the travel industry, and if you aren’t an experienced traveler, you could face some headaches of your own trying get to where you’re going through all of the craziness. Where will you be traveling? Are you traveling to a family holiday, or a nice getaway?

Book Early

Not many people start thinking about their holiday travel plans in June, however, if you want the best price, then it’s time to start planning ahead! Airline prices typically increase at a slower rate, going up and down narrowly from June to November. But, once November comes along, prices skyrocket. Travelers waiting to book their tickets in November and December can pay up to 50% more for their ticket than at any other time of year!

Try Different Airports and Airlines

When booking a flight, try to include multiple airports in your area, as well as in your destination city. Some airlines have different flight times at different airports, so you may be able to find a flight that better matches your schedule. Also include different airlines to see the different times and prices. You may find a flight that is a lot cheaper, and get a better deal by keeping your options open.

Pack Light

Airlines are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to luggage. With checked bag allowances, weight limits, packing light could save you time and money. You also won’t have to wait for your luggage on a conveyor belt, battling a crowd of 100 people. Plus, if you are driving a long distance, you could get better gas mileage as well, since your vehicle may be lighter. Are you bringing presents with you? Purchase gifts online and have them shipped to your destination to cut down on luggage.

Leave Early

Don’t be in a rush when dealing with crowded airports. There is only one speed, slow. So give yourself enough time. Bring some reading material or something to keep your mind busy in the event of long lines or weather delays. Even de-icing the plane can take up to an hour.

Have your car checked

The last thing you need when driving across the country, is your car to break down. It’s enough of a nuisance to have your car fall apart when you are home, but when you are in the middle of nowhere, with no one nearby, it could quickly turn into a nightmare. Have your oil checked, tires, brakes, etc. It’s always good to pack a winter safety kit in the event you do break down. It could be hours before help arrives, so make sure you have blankets, flashlights, water, food, etc.

Travel Early in the Day

When traveling by airplane, flights that leave earlier in the day are less likely to be delayed or late. Also, if your flight does happen to be delayed or cancelled, you will have time to book a flight for later that day, rather than having to wait until tomorrow, and having to find a hotel nearby to stay the night.

Take a deep Breath!

Traveling can be overwhelming, especially when you have the kids, grandparents, and a whole ton of luggage to look after. So just take a deep breath, and try to remember that this is the time of year to be happy and cheerful. A delayed flight, or traffic jam will pass, enjoy the time while you can!

Traveling Internationally?

If you are traveling abroad for the holidays, don’t forget to secure your trip with travel insurance. Unexpected events can happen at any time, complicating even the most meticulously scheduled travel plans. An allergic reaction, broken bone, sprained ankle, food poisoning, or other mishaps can turn a fun, relaxing trip, into a nightmare of hassles. Get proper coverage so you can fully enjoy your holidays, stress-free!

Before setting off on your next adventure, call MHG Insurance Brokers at +1 954-828-1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com to obtain trip cancellation and travel insurance, along with other insurance plans that will make your trip an exciting, hassle-free experience! MHG Insurance Brokers hopes that you arrive and return safe and sound.

It’s the Holiday Season! Which also means it's the traveling season. Read more for holiday travel tips.

Bills of euro, dollar and pound currencies, among others.Having life insurance should be a priority for everyone!

Life Insurance can be a topic that is difficult to plan for, and may be something you don’t want to think about. However, no matter what stage you are at in life, it should be a priority. If you are a young person just starting your career, now is the time to purchase a policy so you can lock in a lower premium. If you are a bit more established with children, what will happen to them if something happens to you? If you are about to retire and move to your dream house in the tropics, how will your spouse pay for the mortgage if the unexpected happens?

Questions to Ask Yourself

When purchasing a life insurance policy there are a plethora of things to consider; such as the amount of the benefit, the beneficiaries, and what actions are actually covered. One thing that may be assumed is that the coverage will be provided no matter where you are in the world. However, that is not always the case. For the most part, life insurance policies only provide coverage in the country they are purchased.

When purchasing life insurance, you should ask yourself questions such as:

· “How much coverage do I need?”

· “How long do I need coverage for?”

· “What type of policy should I purchase?”

· Who should be my beneficiary?”

Many people don’t think to ask themselves:

· “Do I have international coverage?”

· “Do I need international coverage?”

That latter set of questions can be crucial if you are a person who travels a lot. Retirees traveling the world, yacht crew, and cruise ship workers are just a few of the people who may need international coverage. Typically, if you are in a foreign country for 3 or more months, your life insurance will not offer the coverage if something were to happen to you. So if you are a world traveler, or hope to move to a foreign country one day, or are an expat who looks to settle down back home when you are done with your career abroad, it may be smart to look at your policy and see if you are covered.

MHG Can Help!

If being away from home for long periods of time applies to you, then international life insurance should be a priority. Deciding if you need the extra coverage is the easy part, now comes what type of policy is right for you!

A large number of our clients work internationally, and could greatly benefit from having an international life insurance policy. In fact, many of our employees are expats themselves, and have personal and professional experience that can be used to assist you. It should also be noted that the price for international coverage policies are usually comparable to those that don’t have international coverage.

There are many things to take into consideration when making the decision of which type of policy is best for you, your family, or loved ones. For help trying to figure out which policy is best for you, read our previous blog, “What Are My Life Insurance Options?” Are you interested in purchasing Life Insurance or International Life Insurance? Would you like some more information regarding Life Insurance options that are available to you? Would you like to ask some questions to a Life Insurance expert? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please contact us 954-828-1819 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com and talk to one of our insurance specialists for help in selecting Life Insurance and other coverage to ensure that you and your loved ones have the protection you need at every stage of life.

Life Insurance can be a topic that is difficult to plan for, and may be something you don’t want to think about. Read more!

luxurious yacht motorboat in the sea, luxury private boat cruiseMany people consider chartering a yacht one of the most luxurious ways to go on a vacation, or see different parts of the world. Sailing the open seas while having a crew cater to your needs can be the ultimate way to relax.  But what if something comes up and you can no longer go on the vacation of a lifetime? Or you need to reschedule? Things come up all the time, and there is no better way to protect yourself from the unexpected than getting the proper insurance coverage. Who wants to pay all that money for a trip that they can't even go on?

Things Go Wrong

Based on life experiences, it is safe to say that at some point in life things won’t always go as planned. Life is unpredictable and plans often change. One of the basic issues that insurance protects us against is the fact that life is unpredictable. So while you may not be able to prevent a situation from happening, you can prevent an issue from becoming a worst case scenario. There is no need for something to go wrong and ruin your plans. Vacations are about having fun and creating memories, not headaches that could have been avoided if you had trip cancellation insurance!

Protect Your Investment

Success isn’t reached without a proper management of risk, so don't let your investment go unprotected! Many of your assets such as your business, home, cars, and other items have the protection they need in case of an unexpected issue. There is no reason that your vacation shouldn’t have similar protection as well.

Can No Longer Go on the Trip

For some, going on an extravagant trip like chartering a yacht can be a large expense. There are many different obstacles that can arise that may keep you from being able to go on your trip. Here is just one example.

You have decided to charter a yacht for you and your family to visit a few islands in the Caribbean. The total cost of your trip let’s say is $50,000. The day before you leave for the trip, you become ill and need to go to the hospital. You have a bad case of the flu and need to stay in bed for a few days, just in time for your vacation. Clearly, not a good time to be on vacation, so there goes $50,000 down the drain. Unless you have the proper trip cancellation insurance!

What Will Be Covered?

Typically, a good trip cancellation insurance plan should protect you from many issues that may come up causing you to cancel your plans. Some of the items covered are usually injury or illness, natural disasters, property damage, traffic accidents, schedule conflicts, theft, etc. For more information on the different types of coverage that trip cancellation insurance offers, contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com.

Liability is often unavoidable in life, which is why you need to have protection in all stages of life. Read our previous blog, “Planning to Charter a Yacht? Why You Need Yacht Charterers Liability Insurance.” Our ‘concierge service’ can assist you in finding the proper coverage for all aspects of your life. Our insurance specialists have the experience and knowledge to get you the best life insurance, health insurance, marine crew insurance,marine general liability insurance, business insurance, expatriate insurance, or travel insurance for your budget. For more information on marine general liability, read our previous blog, “Marine General Liability vs. General Liability”.

Things come up all the time, and there is no better way to protect yourself from the unexpected than getting the proper insurance coverage. Read more!