5 Tips for Armed Security Guards Regarding Insurance

Posted September 15 2015

securityBeing a security employee can be a fulfilling job. Protecting and serving a community, family, or person, is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But if security guards are around to protect us, who is around to protect them? That’s what we are here for! It can be a difficult task for a security guard to obtain insurance coverage, such as workers’ compensation. Especially if those security employees are armed. The more danger surrounding a person, the harder it is to find insurance because there is an increased liability exposure. Security workers are around to help us feel safer, so we put together this list of tips that may help them get insured in order for them to feel safer.

1. Licenses 

Making sure your employees are properly licensed to use and carry a firearm should be a requirement for anyone who is a guard on your staff. Not only does obtaining a concealed weapons permit make it legal for them to carry a gun, it also gives them training. It’s important to keep a file of all licenses and certifications for all individuals.

2. Procedures

Having the right procedures in place can do a lot for your business. They can help to limit the damage caused by an accident, as well as help your business perform more efficiently. The former can go a long way when trying to get insured. 

3. Proper Training

Although your guards will have gone through training when receiving their weapons permits, you should still schedule regular training sessions for your staff. Accidents can always happen, and having a regular refresher may prevent a tragedy. When setting up a training session, it is a good idea to have the training conducted by a law enforcement officer or someone from the National Rifle Association (NRA). It may also help to have a law enforcement officer or NRA member on your staff. 

4. Who Owns Firearms? 

Having and using a weapon is an enormous responsibility that can create a serious liability. By having your security guards supply their own weapons, they may feel more comfortable. This will allow them to use a weapon they are familiar with, which may also help them use more caution. Also, by employees using their own firearm, it lessons your business’s liability because you are not using firearms that YOU own. 

5. Document Everything

Keeping proper documentation can be the key difference in getting insured. The insurance agent will review plenty of material regarding your company’s history when quoting your business. So the more information and documents you have, the more detailed their report will be. Failing to document certain aspects of your business history could keep you from getting coverage. 

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