Do I Need Insurance Coverage for my Drone?

Posted February 2 2016

droneTechnology has come a long way over the past few decades. Remember when the only “remote controlled” thing you saw was a toy car? Now it seems everything can be remote controlled, including drones!

From kids to adults, drones seem to be all the rage today. Walk through most neighborhoods on a Saturday afternoon and you will likely see someone flying a drone around. Companies like Amazon are even testing them to see if they can be used to deliver packages right you your house! And we’ve all heard the horror stories of people having their privacy invaded. They are even being used by the military. While drones are an amazing piece of technology, they still have the potential to cause damage, which is why you should consider getting proper insurance coverage to protect you and/or your business.

Is Insurance Mandatory?

While there is yet to be any mandates for insurance requirements to operate a drone, if you are using it for a commercial purpose, you must assume that at some point clients and others will want to see certifications that you are properly insured for every part of your business, which would include the drones. Not to mention, if any of your drones do cause damage, your company would be responsible for the damages. Part of running a good business is making sure all of your liabilities are covered.

Am I Already Covered in my General Liability Policy?

While general liability policies cover an extensive amount of your business, they typically do not provide coverage for aviation exposures. While many don’t consider drones to be dangerous, or part of the “aviation” community, if damage is caused to property or a person, legal action can be taken.

Is There Insurance for Personal Use?

Depending on the language of your policy, your homeowner’s insurance policy may provide coverage for recreational or personal use of a drone. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover personal property, and since drones aren’t used to fly people or cargo, they may be included in your policy.

A larger cause for concern is the liability for damages that is caused by your drone, such as crashing into a window or a car. Physical damage isn’t the only liability you should be concerned with, as you should also look for coverage to protect yourself in case someone pursues an invasion of privacy claim, which should fall under personal injury. If you took a picture using your drone, and your neighbor felt that their privacy was violated, there is a chance they can file a claim against you.

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