MHG Spotlight: Katherine Pajor, Controller

Posted November 16 2016

KATHERINE PAJOR 1The bottles are popping! The champagne is flowing! The confetti is falling! MHG is celebrating its 25thanniversary this year, which means it is time to get this party started!

MHG Insurance Brokers has been serving the marine industry, businesses, and groups and individuals around the world since 1991. Reaching this milestone is no small feat, and makes it a perfect time to look back and do some reflecting. What better way to do that than by giving some insight into the history of MHG and its employees?

A lot goes into a business lasting 25 years. Even more goes into a business experiencing success and continuing to grow during that time. While much of it can be attributed to a company’s philosophy, structure, and culture, a business is nothing without the people who execute that philosophy and help create a one of a kind culture. Here at MHG, we are an extremely diverse bunch. Many of us are from various countries, involved in several community organizations, and from different career backgrounds. It takes a special group of people to make insurance fun, which is why you should get to know us!

So, let’s get to know Katherine Pajor!

Before MHG

Katherine was born in Budapest, Hungary.  At the age of 10, she, with her family, left then-communist Hungary to emigrate to the United States.  She sympathizes with refugees, since she herself was one for 6 months in an Italian refugee camp while awaiting her admittance to the US.  New York City became her new home during her formative years.

Katherine graduated from Baruch College of CUNY with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.  She has an extensive background in her field, with work experience in several different industries in companies both large and small.  These were in hospitality and travel, manufacturing and now insurance.

In addition to accounting, Katherine also has experience in real estate. While on a career leave to raise children, got a realtor’s license.

MHG Timeline

Katherine was hired in September of 2012 as a Senior Accountant. She was later promoted to Controller in August of 2014 which is the position she currently holds today. Since joining MHG, Katherine has been a key member of the company, and has helped MHG achieve numerous goals.


A mother of three, Katherine comes from a very close knit family who believe in integrity, personal accountability, and keeping it real, which coincides with one of her favorite sayings, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” She also loves humor and sarcasm. In her spare time, Katherine enjoys catching up on the latest TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Ray Donovan.

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