MHG Spotlight: Sherry Wertz, Manager, Cruise Division

Posted March 8 2017

SHERRY WERTZ 1It takes a special group of people to make insurance fun, which is why you should get to know us!

MHG Insurance Brokers has been serving the marine industry, businesses, and groups and individuals around the world since 1991. A lot goes into a business lasting more than 25 years. Even more goes into a business experiencing success and continuing to grow during that time. While much of it can be attributed to a company’s philosophy, structure, and culture, a business is nothing without the people who execute that philosophy and help create a one of a kind culture. Being in business for over 25 years is no small feat, and much of what is responsible for a business’s success are its people!

Here at MHG, we are an extremely diverse bunch. Many of us are from various countries, involved in several community organizations, and from different career backgrounds. Get to know us as we do some reflecting, and give insight to the history of MHG and its employees.

So, let’s get to know a member of MHG’s Cruise Division, Sherry Wertz!

Before MHG

Sherry is originally from Roanoke, a small town in southwestern Virginia. She attended Virginia Tech University where she graduated with a degree in Communications. Soon after finishing college, Sherry went to work on ships with Norwegian Cruise Lines as a Gift Shop Sales Associate. She only planned to stay in the cruise industry for a year or two, and 30 years later she has stayed within the industry in one way or another, holding managerial positions for different cruise lines, concessionaries and various companies supporting the cruise industry.

MHG Timeline

Due to Sherry’s extensive background within the cruise industry, she became a perfect candidate to join MHG’s cruise division as her most recent experience was with cruise line Shore Excursions. She joined the company in June of 2016 as a Manager within the Cruise Division. Working at MHG allows her to apply her cruise industry experience, as she can recognize the needs of cruise lines as well as the officers and crew members onboard, and ensuring both receive the best service possible.


Growing up, Sherry studied all types of dance, piano, and singing. One way she can connect with her passions is by taking Jazzercise classes. She believes keeping music in her life is important, even if it’s just taking an exercise class. She also enjoys going to live events whether they are individual singers, bands, and Broadway performances.

Sherry’s background within the marine industry is something that makes MHG renowned for their service. Many of our employees have experience in the fields they are working in, and are able to address needs and recognize areas in need of service due to their experience. With MHG’s employees having well versed backgrounds, whether it be from a different country or different industry, we see it as an advantage in assisting and offering advice to our clients. To hear some insurance advice from some of our employees, read our previous blog, “If You Could Give One Piece of Advice to Your Clients, What Would it be?

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