MHG Spotlight: Kevin Knorr, Director, IT

Posted June 1 2017

KEVIN KNORR 1It takes a special group of people to make insurance fun, which is why you should get to know us!

MHG Insurance Brokers has been serving the marine industry, businesses, and groups and individuals around the world since 1991. A lot goes into a business lasting more than 25 years. Even more goes into a business experiencing success and continuing to grow during that time. While much of it can be attributed to a company’s philosophy, structure, and culture, a business is nothing without the people who execute that philosophy and help create a one of a kind culture. Being in business for over 25 years is no small feat, and much of what is responsible for a business’s success are its people!

Here at MHG, we are an extremely diverse bunch. Many of us are from various countries, involved in several community organizations, and from different career backgrounds. Get to know us as we do some reflecting, and give insight to the history of MHG and its employees.

So, let’s get to know the Director of our IT Division, Kevin Knorr!

Before MHG

Kevin grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where he attended a technical college and pursued a degree in Electrical Technology. In high school, he worked for the Rose Tree Summer Festival which was his summer job. After graduating from trade school, he got a full-time job working as an electrician for the Parks Department of Delaware County, where he also held a summer job while in high school working on the Rose Tree Summer Festival. Later he worked for Wescott Electrical as a Project and Purchasing Manager. After gaining some experience, Kevin started his own telecommunications equipment company that he sold within five years of founding it! After selling his company, Kevin was the IT Director for a leading provider of software solutions and services. Kevin moved from Pennsylvania to South Florida in 2006.

MHG Timeline

Kevin joined MHG in 2006 after almost two decades of valuable IT and Telecommunications experience. He was hired as the IT Director and still holds that position today. In this role, he oversees all IT Operations for all MHG offices worldwide.


Kevin is thoroughly involved in the community, as he has held several positions within the city he currently resides in. He is currently the Vice President for the Wilton Manors Development Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of Wilton Manors. He also serves as a Board Member on the Wilton Manors Entertainment Group, which is a nonprofit dedicated to entertainment and events within Wilton Manors. He has also been involved with the Community Affairs Advisory Board, which provides a vehicle to maintain a high quality of life through greater citizen participation by providing a conduit for cooperation.

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