5 Tips for Surviving Your Next International Flight

Posted August 23 2018

window of an airplane overlooking cloudsThe “fasten your seatbelt” light has just lit up! You are now on your way to your destination. Isn’t it exciting traveling to different places? I’m sure it would be even more exciting if long flights didn’t take such a toll on you, mentally and physically. Long international flights can almost make it hard to enjoy your trip, with all the time being seated, and the long customs lines you must go through.

With all the things everyone dreads about international flights, it is all worth it when you get to experience new cultures and traditions, see sights you could never imagine, or relax on a beach for your vacation. Since long flights get a bad rep, use these 5 tips to help survive your next flight, and get you to your enjoyment with more peace of mind!

Request a Special Meal

It used to be customary for you to receive a free meal on all flights, domestic and international. Now you are lucky if you get a bag of peanuts. However, there are still many foreign airlines that may serve you a meal during an international flight. Look up airlines that still have this feature, or try requesting a special meal when you are booking. Having a substantial meal instead of snacking can give you energy and keep you from feeling drained.

Set Your Time

One of the harder things to get accustomed to when traveling internationally is the local time. Your body typically runs on its own clock. So if you are traveling somewhere that is 5 hours ahead, you could be in for a rough transition. Set the time of your destination when boarding the flight. This will give you better judgement of how much time you will have left in the day upon arrival, and also allow you to use the flight to adjust if needed.

Bring a Survival Kit

Don’t you hate sitting next to a screaming baby for 20 hours? One way to help prepare is by bringing a survival kit to help you get the rest you need, and keep you in the best mood possible. Pack ear plugs, an eye mask, snacks, toiletries, etc. It is also a good idea to freshen up halfway through the flight to give you your second wind. This will also give you an excuse to get up and move around.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment

A long international flight can sometimes feel like a lifetime, and if you don’t have things to keep you busy, it will feel like an eternity. Pack an iPod, iPad, tablet, laptop, etc. to keep your mind busy. You can also bring a book(s), word puzzles, Sudoku, and other items as well.

Take Care of Your Body

Did you know that flying can dehydrate you? Stay hydrated, and bring water to drink regularly throughout the flight. Also, try to get up and stretch regularly to keep your blood flowing and keep from getting stiff.

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