Debunking 5 Myths About Insurance Brokers

Posted July 20 2016

brown paper ripped showing the text uncover the factsIt seems as if every day we hear myths regarding insurance brokers. We often find ourselves debunking false statements and explaining to clients that they received inaccurate information. Sometimes, people or products get a bad reputation that is unwarranted, for whatever reason. So here are five common myths that may have given the term insurance brokers a bad name.

1. “Insurance brokers are more expensive”

Have you ever heard the saying, “brokers make you broker”? That saying could not be further from the truth. In contrast, working with a broker can actually save clients both time and money, in addition to frustration. Insurance brokers receive their compensation from insurers, but that does not (or should not) cloud the judgment of a good broker to recommend whatever policy is most appropriate to the situation as presented by you, the client.

2. “Insurance brokers work for the insurance company”

There are a lot of people who think that insurance brokers work for the insurance company, however again that is not correct. A broker advocates and works on your behalf. Basically, they work for you! Yes, they work with the insurance company in order to deliver proper coverage to people, however their concern should always be their clients.

3. “Insurance brokers are just a middle man”

While brokers may act as the middle man between you and the insurance company, they are so much more than just a middle man. In many cases, an insurance broker will conduct research for you, file and assist you with claims through the entire process, and work to get you the best coverage option for your situation. Often times a broker has direct connections with decision makers at insurance companies so you don’t have to sit on a 1-800 line for 20 minutes to talk to someone that doesn’t have the authority to help you.

4. “Insurance brokers can’t offer the best plans”

Insurance brokers can offer the same plans that an insurance company does, for the same premium as going straight to the insurance company. In fact, going through an insurance broker should give you more value for your dollar simply because of all the added benefits that an insurance broker will perform for you.

5. “Insurance brokers aren’t as knowledgeable”

Insurance brokers are very knowledgeable. They spend all day, every day dealing with insurance. They know the industry, they live and breathe insurance, and they understand all the confusing terminology and phrases, which hopefully they can explain to you in a straightforward, no nonsense way. They also know the insurers, and the people who work there, which is a significant advantage over you calling a toll-free number and hoping for the best.

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