Common Yacht Crew Insurance Claims

Posted March 22 2018

Kids getting ready to jump off the back of a yachtWhether it’s the Deckhand that sustained serious head trauma from a motorcycle accident while ashore on boat’s business or the Captain that experienced a severe heart attack while on vacation, MHG has seen a wide array of yacht crew insurance claims over the past 20 plus years. While these examples are tragic and catastrophic, it is also important to be prepared for the more common yacht crew insurance claims that can be less serious but have the potential to keep you off work.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are responsible for a large percentage of the insurance claims filed by yachties. Yacht crew perform their duties while balancing on moving decks, which exposes them to an increased risk of incurring a serious knee injury while performing seemingly safe activities. Some of the more adventurous crew leisure activities, such as scuba and other water and winter sports, can result in knee injuries that may not be covered by standard crew insurance policies; make sure your comprehensive yacht crew insurance policy specifically includes coverage for your favorite leisure activities.

Hernia, Back, and Shoulder Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are often seen in crews on yachts, as they are constantly performing similar tasks in the same small spaces. Hernia, back, and shoulder injuries abound; yacht crewmembers may need to undergo surgery as well as a considerable number of physical therapy sessions in order to make a full recovery from these injuries. Injured crew members may be unable to work for extended periods of time as they undergo physical therapy and rehabilitation. This can leave yacht crew in a financially precarious position unless they have marine disability income insurance in place to provide a significant portion of their salary while they are recuperating.

Gastrointestinal Issues and Other Illnesses

Gastrointestinal issues and regional illnesses are some of the most common medical hazards faced by yacht crews. Food poisoning, unclean water, local parasites, and diet changes can result in serious gastrointestinal issues that can necessitate on-shore doctor visits and even hospital stays. Make certain you have an international health insurance policy from a carrier that has resources to provide information in the particular regions to which you will be traveling and has, or can, establish doctor and hospital relationships, to ensure you have access to qualified care wherever you are in the world. Selecting the right yacht crew insurance plan can be difficult.

The experienced Insurance Specialists at MHG Insurance Brokers will help you sort through the terminology and key features to determine the best plan for your unique circumstances, coverage requirements, and budget. Once you have chosen a policy, we will continue to assist you with questions about the coverage it provides and guide you throughout the claims process.

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