5 Tips to Follow When Reviewing Your Company’s Health Insurance Plan

Posted May 18 2017

employee raising their hand during a company benefit reviewToday, employers are faced with more challenges than ever before regarding rising health insurance costs and the responsibility to provide employees with affordable coverage. The present climate among the health insurance industry doesn’t help, since no one really knows what the future holds regarding pre-existing conditions, tax penalties, etc. Luckily, many of these question marks don’t apply to group health insurance, however that doesn’t change the fact that rates are continuing to increase. If your company is facing a group health insurance renewal, be sure to follow these tips to help with a smooth renewal process that keeps all parties happy.

1. Know Your Benefits

When dealing with an impending renewal, it is important to know the details of your current plan, which can be difficult for someone who is not familiar with insurance lingo. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits you have, then it will be hard to follow tip #2. It’s also important to mention that if you are having difficulty understanding certain aspects of your current plan, reach out to your agent so that you can become totally familiar with it.

2. Plans and Rates Change

Insurance plans and rates are changing more now than ever before. One of the issues this presents is that someone who wasn’t completely familiar with their plan before, won’t recognize the changes being made and the impact it will have on the group. Do your research and learn all the small details that will be changing. Also, just because your insurance carrier is changing your plan, doesn’t mean you must stick with what they give you. You can shop around plans and compare details assure all your coverage needs are being met and to assure that you aren’t exceeding your budget.

3. Listen to Employee Feedback

Listening to your employees is an important part of the process. While employees may demand the best coverage available, there are certain aspects that may stand out amongst the group such as lower co-pays and deductibles. After all, the purpose of offering a group health insurance plan is to create an attractive work environment that promotes a happy, dedicated, and workforce.

4. Look for Wellness Programs

Many of the insurance carriers now have programs in place that promote wellness amongst the group. These programs typically require employee participation, but may reimburse you a percentage of the premium you pay based on the level of employee participation. There are also incentives for employees to participate as there are online rewards stores that employees can spend the points they earn. Some examples of ways to earn points include going to the doctor, exercising, and taking online health quizzes.

5. Consider Gap Insurance

While plans with higher deductibles and/or higher copays can effectively keep health care costs in check, conscientious employers may be concerned that these HPHC plans will leave their employees facing financial burdens they will be unable to meet. Gap insurance plans give employers a way to provide their employees with a financial safety net. Having a gap insurance in place could very well provide your employees with better coverage than a top-notch insurance plan, while also saving you money by not paying high premiums for said plan.

Sometimes there are things in your plan that you don’t understand, or words that you have never heard before. When going through the renewal process it is important to have regular contact with your insurance agent for all your needs to be met. Your well-being is important to us, and part of that is making sure you are properly taken care of. Here at MHG, we have a team of experienced insurance specialists that can offer advice, guidance, and assistance on what would be the best fit for your employee group based on your budget. If you are interested in purchasing a disability plan, health insurance, or life insurance, contact us at mhginsurance.com or call us at +1 954 828 1819.