Another Way to Save For Retirement

Posted October 12 2017

Pink piggy bank with a dollar bill in the slot Did you know? About 250,000 Americans turn 65 each month, and many don’t feel financially prepared to retire. How is your retirement planning coming along? Are you on track to retire with the lifestyle you have gotten used to?

Studies show that many workers haven’t saved enough money to last them from the time they stop working through the rest of their lives. Part of the reason is the increase of life expectancy due to the advancement of medical technology and services. Many don’t account for the increased amount of medical costs that people experience as they climb in age, as well as the increase in the cost of living. No matter how much you are saving for retirement, it can never hurt to save more. You’ll thank yourself later.

Who Can Benefit?

Diversifying your retirement portfolio is important if you would like to reach your savings goals. A Universal Life insurance policy (UL) can act as another option for those looking to add to their portfolio in other ways than the stock market. It can work well for many; those who are looking for a long term savings option that is tax efficient, executives who would like to save more than the allotment of the company plan, or clients who are concerned with future tax rates and are looking for different options for tax free distributions in retirement.

What You Need to Know

You can invest more money into a Universal Life policy than you can in an IRA or 401-K, however there are still limits. The amount of your policy will determine your premium, which will then determine the window as to how much you can overfund. From there you can decide whether you would like to overfund the policy to invest money.

The Benefits

Some of the main benefits are tax-favored growth, asset protection, no penalty for distribution before age 59 ½, and a disability waiver. One of the great benefits of a Universal Life policy is that you can access your savings through a tax favored loan, essentially borrowing money from yourself. Other benefits include:

· Tax free withdrawals

· Additional retirement savings

· Accrue interest tax deferred

· Little to no market risk

· Death benefit

· Protected from creditors

The Fine Print

If you do happen to use the benefit of borrowing money from the policy, there is something you should know. If you were to pass away prematurely, the dollar amount that you owe will then be taken out of the death benefit before it is paid to your beneficiaries.

It’s important to note that we are not financial advisors. If you would like advice or guidance about your investment portfolio, please contact your financial advisor.

If you are interested in purchasing life insurance, or have any questions about your policy, or which policy would be best for you and your family, contact us at 954-828-1819 or visit us online at . We have the insurance specialists to assist and advise you on the best coverage for you and your loved ones at every stage of life.

. We have the insurance specialists to assist and advise you on the best coverage for you and your loved ones at every stage of life.