Tips for Attracting Expat Workers

Posted February 16 2017

Tips for Attracting Expat WorkersMoving to a new country for work is a big decision for someone to make. Many times, a person must consider moving their spouse, family, and must do research on the area to see if it is even a feasible option to relocate there. While it can be difficult to finally make the decision to become an expatriate, it can also be difficult for companies to lure expatriate workers to come work for them. While providing great benefits is an obvious must-do to make the job attractive, some businesses don’t realize the extent those benefits can go to in order to assure that their workers are happy and feel taken care of which often creates a loyal employee. Here are some ideas to attract expat workers.

Life and Health Benefits

One of the more obvious benefits to offer workers, whether they are expats or not is providing workers with good health insurance. It would be even better if you covered 100% of the premiums, leaving more money in your worker’s paychecks. Also, many companies also cover their employees with life insurance, with the amount dependent on their salary.

Pay for the Move

Something that may assist a foreign worker joining your company is your willingness to assist them on their big move. Relocating from a different country can turn out to be quite the investment. Covering moving costs, or even helping them find housing could be a make or break detail that dictates their decision.

More Vacation

If someone is moving from another country to come and work for your company, they are likely leaving behind friends, family, and a whole other life. Offering more vacation days would allow them to go back home more often to cure any home sickness they get.

Develop a Program

Many companies have expatriate programs set up to assistance their workers with settling into their new environment. Whether it is getting their kids set up in the best schools nearby, organizing events to mingle and getting to know the area, or even having someone on staff who is the go to person to answer any questions or offer any assistance to those new to the area.

Government and Legal Support

Every country has different laws regarding immigration and expatriates, and some governments offer more assistance than others. If you happen to live in a country who offers more assistance to expats, or it may be easier to get someone cleared to come work for you, take advantage of it. Promote it to workers, and let them know the process won’t give them a headache.


Depending on the country, one perk you may be able to offer workers is more security. Many expatriate workers come from troubled areas, and the idea of move to a more stable and secure country is very appealing. Especially if they can also benefit from a stronger economy than the one back home.

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