What is in Your Wallet? The things to keep in your wallet on vacation

Posted August 9 2023

What's in Your Wallet? - 2

As you embark on exciting travel adventures, your wallet is one of the most crucial things to organize. It should contain all the essential items needed to ensure a smooth journey and address any unexpected situations that may arise during your trip. Here's your guide to everything you need in your wallet for a successful trip!

Credit Cards (and Backups)

At the top of your list of what you need in your wallet is how you'll pay for things on your trip. Ensure you carry a credit card from a major credit company. Even better, take a backup card from a different provider in case of loss, theft, or any issues with one card. If you're unsure of what bank to choose, get a card from an international bank with a branch at your destination, as you can often receive more favorable exchange rates when taking out cash. Before you leave, you should notify your credit card company about your travel plans to prevent any potential fraud alerts that could freeze your card.


While credit cards are essential, having some cash on hand is equally vital. Even though most destinations are equipped with contactless or card-reading technology, cash is often required for public restrooms or tipping. In addition to a small amount of local bills, carry a mix of local currency and USD or Euros, as they are widely accepted in many destinations. If you need to withdraw more cash, ensure you choose a reputable ATM to avoid unnecessary fees and keep it safe in a hidden compartment in your wallet. You can usually find an ATM at the airport when you arrive.

Driver's License

Many people forget to bring a driver's license as a form of ID if they don't plan on driving in their destination. Even if you have a passport as your main form of ID, a driver's license can be helpful in various situations like renting equipment or age verification for certain activities. Make a photocopy of your driver's license (and passport) and keep it separate from your original in case you lose it.


Whether traveling by plane, train, or bus, keeping your tickets handy is a must. Even if you rely on digital tickets, it's wise to print out extra copies as a backup to keep in your wallet if you run into issues with your device. For physical tickets, like boarding passes, use a dedicated slot in your wallet or a ticket holder to keep them organized and easily accessible.

Travel Itinerary

Having a printed and digital copy of your travel itinerary is essential for staying organized during your trip. Include details about your flight information, hotel reservations, tour bookings, and contact numbers. This will help you keep track of your schedule and provide valuable information if you encounter any unexpected situations or need to show proof of your plans.

Travel Medical Insurance Cards

Traveling without medical insurance is risky, as accidents and unexpected illnesses can happen anytime. Carry your travel medical insurance cards in your wallet and any necessary contact information for the insurance provider. Before you travel, familiarize yourself with the coverage details, how to get help in an emergency, and the claims process, so you can act promptly if needed.

It can also be helpful to print any allergies or medications taken on a card in your native language and the language of your destination to keep handy in case you lose anything vital.

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