What Should I Do With My Tax Return? Buy Life Insurance!

Posted March 5 2020

Shot of a young man going over his finances at homeIt’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, tax season! Filing taxes can be a real pain, but if you are one of the lucky ones who are due to receive a nice check from the IRS, this can be a rewarding time. While having the latest iPad is great, you may come to regret that decision later. Instead of spending your tax return on a new gadget or vacation, try paying yourself. Sometimes bills seem like they are never ending, but one bill that you may come to enjoy paying are those that will pay you down the road. Catch my drift?

Be Forward Thinking

Whether you are established in your career or you are just starting out, you should be thinking about your retirement. Sometimes it can be difficult to put yourself in situations later in life, partly because life can be so unexpected. It just happens. But what some people don’t consider is that when you retire, you won’t have the same income to support your lifestyle. One way to fix that is by saving your money! If you are forward thinking and sacrifice the right amount of money now, what you enjoy now you can enjoy later too!

Get a Jump Start

Is it me or do paychecks seem like they are never enough? While there is a lot more to life than earning a wage, the amount you earn is still important because it determines what you can afford. Having a family is important to a lot of people, however a family can be very expensive. Also waiting until you have a family can feel like it is too late to start, or that you missed your chance to begin planning for retirement. While there is a prime age to begin saving for retirement, don’t ever think it is too late to start if you haven’t. Remember, better late than never.

So if you don’t think you have the funds to save for your future and your retirement, using your tax return to do so may be a smart idea! Another thing to note, once you save your tax return, you may feel more motivated and inclined to continue to do so throughout the year.

What Should I Buy?

· Life Insurance – There are several types of life insurance policies that can set you up nicely later in life. Policies such as Whole Life and Universal Life are ones you should consider.

· Annuity – Depending on the person, an annuity may make more sense than a life insurance policy.

· Combination – The best way may be to do a combination of life insurance and an annuity. Ever hear the saying, “Never put all your eggs in one basket”?


The obvious benefit of investing in your future is that you will have income later in life when you decide to “hang them up”. But one benefit that should be considered is one that may be provided by purchasing life insurance. Did you know that if you develop a serious or terminal illness, you could have some of the death benefit value available to you to use while you are still alive for medical bills or whatever you choose. Also, you may have the opportunity to take loans from yourself. Wouldn’t you rather owe yourself money than owe the bank?

It is important to note that MHG Insurance Brokers does not provide tax advice. Speak with a tax advisor if you have any questions regarding your tax filings. Whether you are purchasing life insurance for the first time, looking for better coverage or are interested in learning more about other types of insurance available to you, we can help! Visit our website at mhginsurance.com or speak with an Insurance Specialist at 954 828 1819.