Yacht Crew Insurance Terms 101

Posted April 30 2020

Closeup side view of black luxury yacht agains blue sky in sunlight with copy spaceIf you are not working in the insurance industry, there is a good chance that insurance lingo can provide you with some head scratchers. Words and terms that we don’t use in everyday life can leave people feeling confused. So, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of terms that we find ourselves explaining frequently. Hopefully this list will give you a better understanding of healthcare in general and be able to assist you when purchasing your future plans from the healthcare marketplace.

· Annual Maximum and/or Policy Maximum - The maximum amount that an insurance policy will pay for covered medical expenses. The amount can be different depending on the policy chosen.

· Coinsurance - The percentage of covered medical costs that you pay after you have met your deductible.

· Copayment or Copay - A fixed dollar amount that you pay directly to your doctor or physician, hospital, or other medical provider (doctor visit or CT scan) at the time of service.

· Cost-Sharing - Determines how much you will pay and how much your insurance plan will cover. Various parts include deductible, copay, and coinsurance.

· Deductible - The amount that you will have to pay out of pocket each year before your insurance plan begins to pay. Some benefits are not subject to the deductible.

· Emergency Evacuation – Transport of the insured person in the event of a life or limb threatening injury or illness which requires treatment at a different location.

· In-Network - Providers that are members of the approved network for your plan.

· Out-of-Network – Any provider that is not a member of the approved network for your plan.

· Out of Pocket Maximum - The maximum you pay during a policy year before your health insurance plan starts to pay 100% for all covered benefits.

· Pre-certification - Contacting your insurance provider for approval before having specific procedures. This process, as well as which procedures require it, can be different depending on your policy.

· Pre-existing Health Condition - An illness, injury, or condition, you had before joining a health insurance plan. All ACA compliant plans cover pre-existing conditions without a waiting period.

· Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) - A plan that allows you to go to any provider that you choose, however insurance pays less for providers that are not in your network.

· Provider - A person or company that provides health care service to you such as a doctor, hospital, urgent care, minute clinic, lab, pharmacy, etc.

· Provider Network - A group of providers with specific agreements to honor a particular health insurance plan or plans.

· Repatriation - A person returning to their home country or place of citizenship.

If you have any more questions about yacht crew insurance terms, please feel free to ask us or comment below! Having proper insurance is important whether you are at sea or docked at a shipyard. MHG is your specialized broker when it comes to crew insurance. Our insurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to find the policy that works best for you. If you are interested in purchasing, or have any questions about yacht crew insurance or travel insurance, please contact us at +1 954 828 1819 or +44 (0) 1624 678668 or visit us online at mhginsurance.com. For more information on why service is so important, read our previous blog, “Yacht Crew Case Study: Customer Service Can Be Life Saving”.