Common Shore Ex Injuries

Posted October 19 2017

jetski sitting in the waves on a beach at a shore ex place Cruises are made to be a fun memorable vacation that individuals, couples, and families can remember for years to come. A major part of the cruise industry are excursions. As Tour and Excursion Operators know, one of the first things guests do when stepping onboard a cruise ship is to book all the excursions they plan to take part in. While excursions are often considered one of the most fun parts of going on a cruise, there are still liabilities, and accidents that can happen, which is why waivers should be signed, and you should be insured! Below are some of the most common injuries reported by Tour and Excursion Operators.


We were notified of 2 separate incidents where the individuals both suffered fatal heart attacks whilst snorkeling. Both had long term medical histories which showed it was effectively ‘natural causes’ and no law suit was filed.


Seeing the world under the surface of the ocean is amazing. However, there is heavy and expensive equipment involved with scuba diving. Luckily, many places will not let people dive without a proper license, but that doesn’t mean you still aren’t exposed to liabilities upon injuries. For instance, what if someone doesn’t come up to the surface properly?

Animal Bites

Many of the top attractions and excursions throughout the Caribbean include swimming with a variety of sea creatures. Whether it be dolphins, sharks, sting rays, or other fish, accidents can happen, and there have been reports of people getting bitten or stung.

Jet Skis

Jet skis are one of the most thrilling and exciting excursions that people choose to partake in. While they can be a very enjoyable time, such thrills and excitement can come at a cost. Improper use of Jet skis has been responsible for tragic crashes, injuries, or even worse. One of the main causes of this stems from inexperience of the individual that is operating the craft, who aren’t well versed in the rules and laws of the water when it comes to other boats or vessels in the area.

Zip Lines

Last but not least, many believe that the most frequent injuries are sustained on zip lines. While you may be thinking that many of the injuries occur because of a fall that is not necessarily the case. Far more common, is injury that is sustained when reaching the end of the line and impacting against poorly maintained equipment at speed.

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