Starting Your Benefit Year Off Right

Posted January 8 2020

Ready to go! Close up cropped low angle photo of shoe of female athlete on the starting line of a stadium track, preparing for a run. Sunny spring day You know the saying, “New year, new me!” Well it’s that time of the year, everything is fresh, people are motivated, and many of you have just begun a new benefit year in terms of your insurance as well. So why not take some time to figure out how to make the most out of your insurance benefits, the same way you would try to make the most out the year when it comes to vacations, starting new habits, or even just trying new things. Here are some tips to follow to better help you start your benefit year off right. Keep in mind the tips below are only for those times when seeing a medical professional can be planned in advance, if you are sick or in need of medical attention, please consult your physician immediately.

Read Your Policy

Reading your insurance policy may not be your first priority, but without reviewing your benefits, you might be missing covered benefits you can take advantage of. A big one is knowing the doctors in your network, depending on your coverage, some providers might be categorized in a special group which allows you to pay less. Check if you have dental and vision insurance and what is covered, there can be some benefits that are completely free of charge to you, even covering multiple visits throughout the year.

Do You Have a Rewards Program?

Most health insurance companies now offer a rewards program to help motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle. Get yourself involved as soon as you can so you can start earning rewards for things you do every day like walking, logging meals, weighing yourself, etc. Also, these programs can offer points for visiting the doctor, getting your teeth cleaned, getting a flu shot, and taking other preventable measures.

Plan Your Year

As stated before, once you understand your insurance coverage, you will have a better understanding of how to plan your year. Yes, you should always expect the unexpected, no one plans to catch a cold, but by understanding your benefits you can use providers that will cost you less. When it comes to making doctors’ appointments, your benefit year should be taken into consideration. For example, if you are in need of a procedure that is medically necessary but you have been putting it off, would it make more sense to have it when the year is fresh, or when you have reached closer to your max out of pocket, typically later in the year? Sometimes timing can be important and can be the difference from having to pay thousands versus having to pay nothing.

Avoid the Mad Dash

I don’t know if you have ever been to a medical facility at the end of the year, but more than likely they are slammed with people trying to use the last bit of insurance before the new year starts. By planning your year ahead, you can do what you can to try and avoid the headache of having to wait hours, or deal with nurses and doctors who are understaffed or stretched too thin. Most medical plans now include telemedicine which can be used in the convenience of your home using a smart device, if you need a prescription the telemedicine doctor will prescribe what you need at the pharmacy of your choice. In some cases, telemedicine can be free.

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