Adventure Travel Insurance

Posted November 29 2012

Spring is here and enjoying the great outdoors is on your mind.  Are you traveling abroad for an adventure sport activity?  Detailed planning is important for a trip of this kind. 


After finding the perfect location, and purchasing or renting the needed equipment have you purchased the need protection?  Does your insurance cover you in a foreign country? What would happen if you got injured during this adventure?  Do you have medical insurance that covers you if you are injured as a result of this sports activity?

MHG Insurance Brokers have the insurance plans with the medical benefits that you need for traveling abroad and for participating in the extreme sports activities you love.  

Most traditional medical plans are not designed for international travel and usually exclude hazardous sports activities. MHG offers the Patriot Adventure/Extreme Insurance a plan designed for adventurous international travelers who intend to participate in the thrill of adventure sports and realize that their current medical plan does not cover certain hazardous sports and activities.  

With this plan you have access to 24 hour international, multilingual customer service centers ready to coordinate your emergency medical services and international treatment.  They understand the language and the currency of most countries. This plan has a low deductible of $250 and requires no coinsurance for treatment received outside the US and Canada while providing world class medical benefits for in-patient and out-patient medical expenses.   

Coverage is available for 30 days to 6 months and prices start at just $54. Visiting a place where medical care is minimum? The Patriot Adventure/Extreme Insurance plan includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation from a medical facility to the nearest qualified medical facility.  Once you are finished receiving the necessary medical treatment this plan also provides for the cost of returning to either the home country or the country where the evacuation occurred. Traveling with someone who is injured?  What if a loved one gets injured abroad while you are home?  With this coverage from MHG the Patriot Adventure also provides emergency reunion coverage, up to $10,000 for 15 days, for reasonable travel and lodging expenses of a relative or friend during an emergency medical evacuation of the insured person.   

This coverage is for either the cost of accompanying the insured during the evacuation or travel from the home country to be reunited with the insured.  

When a loved one is injured you have enough to worry about without thinking of the expenses to get to them. Before you or a loved one travel abroad for the thrill of a lifetime make sure you are covered for those sudden and unexpected accidents and illnesses.  MHG Insurance Brokers offers a variety of comprehensive medical insurance plans to meet the needs of each unique client. Whether you are looking for travel insurance, group insurance plans or business insurance, MHG has solutions to fit every budget. Contact the experts at MHG to help you choose the ideal policy for your unique requirements. Contact us today at 877-278-7400 to learn more.