MHG Spotlight: Jeremy Scarlett, Marketing Associate

Posted August 24 2016

jeremy1The bottles are popping! The champagne is flowing! The confetti is falling! MHG is celebrating its 25thanniversary this year, which means it is time to get this party started!

MHG Insurance Brokers has been serving the marine industry, businesses, and groups and individuals around the world since 1991. Reaching this milestone is no small feat, and makes it a perfect time to look back and do some reflecting. What better way to do that than by giving some insight into the history of MHG and its employees?

A lot goes into a business lasting 25 years. Even more goes into a business experiencing success and continuing to grow during that time. While much of it can be attributed to a company’s philosophy, structure, and culture, a business is nothing without the people who execute that philosophy and help create a one of a kind culture. Here at MHG, we are an extremely diverse bunch. Many of us are from various countries, involved in several community organizations, and from different career backgrounds. It takes a special group of people to make insurance fun, which is why you should get to know us!

So, let’s get to know Jeremy Scarlett, Marketing Associate!

Jeremy’s MHG Timeline

Jeremy has been with MHG for 2 years. Hired in September 2014 fresh out of the University of Central Florida, he started out as an intern in our marketing department. As a recent graduate, Jeremy quickly became a valuable member to the MHG team due to his ambition, work ethic, and fresh knowledge and thus was offered a permanent position which is the title he holds today. Some of his responsibilities include managing MHG’s online presence including our social media pages, assisting in event planning, and is involved in a number of marketing projects. Although his career is young, the future looks bright for Jeremy, and we look forward to being a part of it!

Community Involvement

Community service has been important to Jeremy dating back to his college days, as he was a regular volunteer at Junior Achievement of Central Florida where he taught business classes to middle schoolers, and the Young Men’s Leadership Program where he was a student mentor. Today he is involved with Kids in Distress, Inc. (KID) and the Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center (CDTC) which are two organizations that are important to many of MHG’s employees.

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