MHG Spotlight: Jeff Martin, Programmer

Posted January 12 2017

JEFF MARTIN 1It takes a special group of people to make insurance fun, which is why you should get to know us!

MHG Insurance Brokers has been serving the marine industry, businesses, and groups and individuals around the world since 1991. A lot goes into a business lasting more than 25 years. Even more goes into a business experiencing success and continuing to grow during that time. While much of it can be attributed to a company’s philosophy, structure, and culture, a business is nothing without the people who execute that philosophy and help create a one of a kind culture. Being in business for over 25 years is no small feat, and much of what is responsible for a business’s success are its people!

Here at MHG, we are an extremely diverse bunch. Many of us are from various countries, involved in several community organizations, and from different career backgrounds. Get to know us as we do some reflecting, and give insight to the history of MHG and its employees.

So, let’s get to know a member of MHG’s IT Team, Jeff Martin!

MHG Timeline

Jeff is a Programmer at MHG’s Fort Lauderdale office. In this role, he is constantly researching, exploring, and testing the different ways users interact with our internal Customer Relationship Management system, Client Portal, Broker Portal, and websites solutions.

He has also been in pursuit of creating elegant, efficient, intuitive, and innovative enterprise-grade software products that focus on making a human connection with the user’s needs. Through user-centric human interfaces, Jeff is in turn able to increase the productivity of our products and allow them to reflect the MHG brand.

Before MHG

Before joining MHG in 2014, Jeff spent the last 35 years of his career working on, with, and around computers. The fluctuating nature of technology kept him passionate about learning and integrating cutting edge technologies. He has built up a diverse set of skills that is necessary in today’s ever digital world, and has a background in the life insurance and automotive industries, and has also worked in Chicago and Southern California before coming to Fort Lauderdale.


One of Jeff’s personal passions is motorcycles. In his off time, he loves to ride in charity events that benefit diseases such a breast cancer. He has also participated in walks for the American Heart Association, and other organizations.

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